Mary is back

Just seen PooPeeLife is back… Yippy!!! My account was Mary Jones @chubbynylongirl and I haven’t been playing much. But I have to go pretty bad again haha. My part time office job still has me in skirts and pantyhose most days and it’s still fun to let a little pee run down my legs during the day to get me hot. I haven’t filled my panties in a while though. Totally turned me on since high school. Did have a real public accident though like to hold it and was in school band, had band class second hour and my palms were sweaty and I was real warm from holding it. Well I sat there with my clarinet and it was manageable while I was sitting down until I had to pass out new sheet music with a couple others. Well I couldn’t stand up straight and I tried to fake it but I was in the back of the room and I dropped the papers on the floor and put my hand on my butt and felt my pants just fill up with poo. People turned around but weren’t really sure what happened. I just took real small steps and walked out of the band room and right out to the parking lot and left. I was so embarrassed it wasn’t even hot or fun, truly an accident. The word kind of got around what happened and a couple mean girls started calling me “Mary Shit Shorts” but thankfully the nickname didn’t stick.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this story, SweetMary! I bet some of the boys were turned on to know you pooped your pants, though I bet they didn’t tell anybody. I know I’m turned on thinking about it.

  2. I’ve been a shit lover since I can remember. I would always hold my load in by crossing my legs to keep it from coming out. Now I love to fill my briefs and wear them all day. Sometimes I’ll wear the same ones for several days and continue to add more 😉

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