Mark’s Revenge on His Dad

Mark and his dad have been pranking each other for a few years on. one time, his dad pranked him by taking some of his viagra and grinding it up into Mark’s morning juice before he went to school. it was time for pay back. Mark’s dad and his friends were all going to watch a big foot ball game down in the basement; Mark then took action. Mark snuck into the kitchen and went over to a bowl of nacho cheese and took a tub of MagaLax and emptied the entire tub into the cheese then he went over to the case of beers and opened each one and poured 50gm of inulin. He then made his way down to the basement and began to set up for the next phase of his revenge, the basement didn’t have a bathroom or a window and only one exit; once his dad and his friends were all down there, Mark would lock the down and leaving them trapped with no way out. The door bell rang, it was time for his revenge. the football game was two hours long and with in about 30 minutes into the game Mark’s dad and his friends had eaten all the nachos and drank all the beer. With 50gm of inulin and a whole tub of Maga Lax in their systems their bowels in for one hell of a ride. Mark’s dad was the first to show sign that Mark’s plan was working Mark’s dad grabbed his stomach as he heard a loud gurgle. Thuuurrrpt! “Damn my stomach”
as his friends all looked at him, they began to laugh but only for a brief second as they too began to feel the extreme pressure of gas building up within their bowels. One by one they all uncontrollably released fart after fart; each one wetter than the last THUUURRRPT…Thuurrpt…THUrrptTT… THUUUUURRRRPPT!!!!! Mark’s plan was a success and only one move was left; as he heard his dad and his friends heading for the door Mark locked it leaving them trapped with no option but to shit themselves. Screams of pleads begging to open the door followed by pants being filled were heard and was victory to Mark’s ears. Having this plan be a success Mark had another idea on how to prank his dad; His dad had a big presentation tomorrow with some very important clients and his bosses, would be a big finisher to have his dad bowels explode shitting himself in front of everyone, wouldn’t it?

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  1. Wow, it’s such a turn on imagining a bunch of hot, beer-bellied dads pounding on the door, with a colon full of shit ready to be expelled in their tight pants!

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