Marie drives home.

  We both slept through the night. I woke up to an urgent need to pee. I guess my potty training had held through the night. I was still dry.

   I looked over at you and you were still sleeping, but when I reached under the covers and reached for you. I was pleasantly surprised to find you had a nice hard on. I guess you needed to pee also.  I wasn’t about to waste our last time together, so I rolled onto you and woke you  with a deep kiss. As you began to respond.  to my kisses, I relaxed and we both could hear my pee hissing through my panties and soaking both of us and the bed.

    You reached under the covers and removed my panties and yours as well. You rolled me on my back and I spread my legs and  guide      your cock as you enter me. Your need to pee is almost painful for you as we make love. Before long I feel you plunge deep inside me and go stiff. I can feel your sperm pumping into me time and time again. you lean down on your elbows and we kiss. My hips continue to jerk up against you, and then I feel it. You nights worth of pee begins slowly at first then more urgently it fills my cum filled pussy. I feel it start to run out of me and run down my ass and soak the already wet sheets under us. After we lay recovering for awhile. We finally face reality and get out of bed. We share the clean up and place all the soiled linens in a plastic bag. You were going to just trash them, but I want to take them home to remember the weekend by.

   After we shower and go eat breakfast, I drop you by the airport and start my drive home. I stop for gas and grab a large fountain drink and a six pack of cokes as well as several bottles of water. Then I stop at a Wal Mart, and go in and purchase a package of adult slip on diapers. AS soon as I get back to my car, I slip my jeans off and pull a diaper up over my panties. I hope I don’t get stopped, because all I am wearing is the diaper and a tee shirt.

   Not far down the road , I put in a audio erotic book I had purchased and was driving and listening to the book. Within 20 miles, I had one hand in my diaper covered panties and was fingering my self.  My pussy is tender from a weekend of fucking, but I just can’t , and don’t want to come down from the sexual high I am on. I frig myself to several small orgasms. then relax and drive for a while. Soon I feel the need to pee. I simply relax and feel my pee soaking through my panties and into the diaper. I like to keep my panties on to feel my pee close to me, as the diapers tend to leach the wetness away.

   Over the next few hours, I have peed myself several times. I can feel pee leaking out of the over filled diaper, so I pull to the side of the road and slip the wet diaper off and slip a dry one up over my sodden panties. Just as I am pulling the new diaper up, I hear a knock at my window. I had not noticed the highway patrol car pull in behind me. I am sure I looked like a deer in the head lights. He could see clearly that I was pulling an adult diaper up and a soaked one was on the seat beside me. He motioned for me to roll down my window down and   I complied and was turning red form the humiliation of being caught in the middle of my games. He ask to see my license and registration. Although I don’t  think he even looked at them. He was however staring openly at my hard nipples and the diaper covering my bottom. After cautioning me to turn on my flashers next time, he returned my license and told me to have a good trip.    

   Even though he knew what I had been doing, I guess pissing yourself isn’t against the law. I am sure he got a good laugh out of it, but there was nothing I could do now but continue on.  I continued to drink cokes and water, and pee every few minutes some. I noticed a tree covered picnic area ahead and pulled in. In just a few minutes it was empty, and I got out of my car and walked around to the passenger side away from the prying eyes of traffic. Also I could dive in the car of someone drove up. I bent over and reached into my panties and felt of my ass. I strained a little and was rewarded with some nice warm soft poop. I brought it out and looked at what was on my fingers. I pulled my tee shirt away from my breast and reached under and rubbed poop on my nipples till they were almost rock hard.  I was rubbing my poop coated nipples with both hand s and strained , till I felt my bowels begin to move. as my poop was filling my panties which were restrained by the diaper.  I was shitting and rubbing poop on my small titties. I then started peeing as well. I almost went to my knees as my orgasm hit me.  I waited till a break in passing traffic and scurried around and plopped back down in my seat. As I did, I could feel my poop spread out all over my butt and even forward some till I could feel it as it came in contact with my pussy.

   I was now only about two hours from home, and didn’t need fuel. I decided to enjoy my nasty mess as I continued on my way home. I finished the trip listening to the audio book and peeing myself. My diaper had leaked because I had over filled it with pee and poop, so my car was going to need a good detailing. I didn’t care in the least. I had a fantastic unforgettable weekend of pee and poop play. I am sure at some point, my friend and I would repeat it again. In the mean time I had several poop stained sheet to sleep on and fuel my dreams.

This is the end of this story, but let me know if you want more.   

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  1. I think you should box those sheets up and send them to ny 🙂 Wonderful story Ninja Pixie – I’d love to hear more…

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