Mandy and Shelley

I would like to relate to you the circumstances which led to Shelley and I

becoming friends – good friends. Indeed, lovers. We met shortly after my

father was transferred by his company to head a division in a small town in

Colorado. It was during my Junior year of high school and it was somewhat

upsetting that I had to change schools mid-semester. I have always been a

bit of an introvert, so making new friends comes slowly to me. Despite my

efforts, I did not seem to be able to build any lasting friendships in my

new school. For that reason, I mostly kept my head low, threw myself into

studies and sports, and longed for my boyfriend in Florida and all of my

old classmates. Though I had best intentions of remaining in touch with

them all, the reality of the distance between us quickly eroded any such


It was my involvement in sports that led to this story. I have always

participated in a variety of sports – tennis, volleyball, and swimming to

name a few. Needing to occupy myself to distract me from loneliness, I

joined the track team as spring arrived. My body type is well suited to

track – lean, yet muscular, and my breasts are somewhat small (not a lot of

uncomfortable bouncing if you know what I mean). I’ve always been proud of

my breasts, which I suppose is because my boyfriend would always complement

me on them. He would always comment on how round they were, with no sag

and he loved the way my nipples got extremely pointy when he would remove

my top and bra. I never went all the way with him, but I loved being

topless in front of him. I sometimes wish now that we had done it because

I doubt we will ever meet again.

Anyway, I was in track and we were traveling by bus to a track meet at a

distant school. Being new to Colorado, I was not familiar with where we

were going or how far it was or how long it would take to reach our

destination. We left school shortly after lunch, and even though I had

used the restroom before we left, being so soon after lunch was to cause me

great distress as you will see. We had been driving almost an hour,

passing through a series of small towns when I began to realize that I was

in need of a restroom and I don’t mean for peeing. I was sitting at the

back of the bus by myself (as usual) while most of the other girls were up

towards the front playing cards or watching and a few others were scattered

around the bus reading or talking. The closest other girl to me was

Shelley who was sitting by herself on the other side of the aisle about two

rows up. Shelley looked to be lost in thought as she stared out the

window. I had seen her around school, but she always seemed pre-occupied

or distant and most times I saw her, she was by herself. I suppose she

just seemed different but being new I could hardly be certain of that and

who was I to judge anyone for being different. To be honest, I hardly gave

her any thought.

But now my plight was worsening. I was starting to feel desperate. I

needed relief soon. I was unsure how much longer our trip was supposed to

take, so I ventured a question to Shelley, “Do you know how much farther we

have to go?”

“We have just a little over an hour to go. Why?”

“Oh, no reason.” I lied, as my heart sank within me. An hour, there was no

way I could last that long! I sat quietly a bit longer trying not to dwell

on the growing pressure. I realized, however, that I must have relief

soon. I got up and started to walk to the front of the bus to see the

driver, but aborted the attempt – I was embarrassed to ask for a bathroom

break, especially since EVERYONE would realize why we were stopping. I sat

a moment longer and finally thought, to hell with what everyone thinks. I

need a restroom and I need it now!

Once again I rose up from my seat and this time I strode to the front of

the bus.

“Mr. Cuthbert?”

“What do you need, Amanda?”

“Sir, could we stop at a restroom in the next town?”

“No, I’m sorry Amanda, but school policy dictates that once we are on the

road we do not stop until we reach our destination. It will just have to


I turned around and began to walk back to my seat as I could feel tears

welling up in my eyes. I fought them back as I walked past the other girls

– I did not want them to know of my predicament. As I slowly slid back

into my seat, I could feel my eyes hot and misty and my face flush. The

elastic in my track shorts felt as though it was strangling my waist and

the pressure in my abdomen was becoming excruciating. There was a pushing

sensation at my rectum that was beginning to border on pain. I sat forward

and folded my arms on the back of the seat in front of me and laid my head

against them. Every bounce in the road was torture.

“Are you alright?” It was Shelley. I looked up at her and she was

standing next to my seat. The look on her face told me how my face looked

and I knew there was no denying my problem to her.

“I need to use the restroom”, I said, “badly.”

She looked sympathetically at me for a moment and then said or asked, I

don’t quite remember which, “You don’t just need to pee do you?”

I slowly shook my head no as I turned my eyes back down, unable to face her

with that admission.

“I’ll be right back”, she said. And with that she began to head to the

front of the bus. As I watched her go I silently prayed that she would

have better luck than I had had. I watched as she bent over to

Mr. Cuthbert and whisper in his ear. He turned and spoke something to her

quickly and the manner in which she slowly rose back up told me the answer

had not changed. I began to quietly weep.

Shelley walked the distance of the bus back to me as some of the other

girls looked up at her as she went by. Their eyes followed her a short way

but quickly returned to their card games. She gently sat down next to me

and hissed, “the son-of-a-bitch won’t do it. He won’t stop.” Hearing her

terrible confirmation made me begin to sob harder even as I fought to

control the tears. Shelley lightly stroked the back of my neck. And then

it happened.

“Oh, god Shelley. Oh, god.” I felt a large turd begin to slip out of me

and though I tried desperately to clamp my muscles it would not stop. My

panties became full very quickly and I lost control of my bladder as well.

Pee began to dribble out of me briefly. I felt a second turd slide out

before I was able to regain control. Tears began streaming down my face as

the realization came over me that my worst fears had happened. I could

feel the fullness in my panties, the crotch of my track shorts were wet,

and I smelled so unfresh. I was completely humiliated.

Shelley placed her face next to mine and as she continued to stroke the

back of my neck and hair, she whispered soothingly to me – “It’s ok.

Everything will be alright. Don’t worry about it. I’ll help you.” She

knew what I had just done and yet she seemed as determined as ever to help.

“Shelley, what if the others smell?”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll fix it.” With that she rose and went to the

seat in front of us and lowered the window a slight amount. Next, she

grabbed a jacket she brought along, (Colorado evenings could still be

chilly) and she laid it across my lap. My bowels and bladder were still

full, but with the release I had, I was able to control myself for the

remainder of the trip. A bit later we arrived at the school where our meet

was to take place.

As the other girls grabbed their gear and headed off the bus, Shelley and I

delayed just a bit to let them get ahead and then began to gather our

things. Mr. Cuthbert stood at the front and said, “Ok, Amanda. We’re

here. You can use the restroom now!” I swear the bastard was smiling as

he said that. Shelley shot back, “Oh, thanks Mr. Cuthbert. You’re such a

help.” He just quit smiling and stepped off the bus.

As we walked down the aisle to the door I could feel the lump of squished

poo in my underwear. It was sticking to my ass and had even oozed up to my

puss. Never had I made such a humiliating walk as that. Shelley was close

behind me and said, “C’mon Amanda, let’s get you into the field house and

we’ll get you all cleaned up.” I was not sure how we were going to

accomplish this – the field house was full of other atheletes.

As we entered the field house, we looked around and sure enough, there were

a lot of girls there from several schools. Shelley said, “It’s going to be

difficult to get you a shower but I have an idea.” I followed Shelley as

she headed for a set of doors that led into the school. No one seemed to

pay any mind as we started into the hallways of the deserted school (this

was a Saturday meet). Shelley looked around the unfamiliar surroundings

until she saw a door marked ‘Girls’. “Here”, she said and we ducked in. I

tossed my backpack on the counter and headed straight to the nearest stall

and as I entered, Shelley followed me in still holding her bag. I’ve never

had another person with me in a bathroom stall since I was three or four

years old, but I knew Shelley was there to help so I did not protest.

“Pull off you dirty things”, Shelley said. At that, I slipped off my track

shorts and soiled underwear. A big plop of poop lay in them but Shelley

just slid them to the side. I sat down on the toilet and finally took care

of what had been urgently needed for so long. I was way past minding

Shelley being with me and she just kept looking at me with caring eyes. I

felt so lucky that it had been Shelley sitting at the back of the bus that

day. Someone else might not have been so understanding and supportive. At

this point she had her hands on my knees and was gazing at my face. She

stayed like this until she sensed that I was done.

“All through?”

I nodded.

“Ok. I suspect we are going to need to clean you up a little. Stay put.

I’ll be right back.”

I wasn’t planning on going anywhere, half-dressed with poo on my backside

but I wondered what Shelley had in mind for this dilemma. I heard her

pulling paper towels, lots of them, from the dispenser. Next I heard water

running. Momentarily she returned to the stall with the paper towels.

“Ok, turn around.”

It began to dawn on me what Shelley had in mind and I was becoming somewhat

hesitant. I know she knew all my secrets of the day, but suddenly I was

being overcome by a bout of modesty. This was getting to be just a bit

more intimate than I had envisioned. I was somewhat squeamish about

sticking my dirty, smelly ass directly in someone’s face.

Smiling at me, she said, “Come on silly. If you don’t hurry you will miss

your event. I’ve seen asses before.”

She was right – time was short. But although she had seen asses before, it

was not as though I went around offering my ass to people and that is what

this felt like. It felt like I would be offering my ass up to her. It

felt vulnerable.

Shelley touched my knee again. “Listen, I just want to help. Ok?”

“Ok”, I said, after another moments pause, and I slowly turned around,

holding up my shirt as I bent forward with my legs splayed. I felt Shelley

place her left hand on the small of my back as she began to gingerly wipe

away at the dried poo on my bottom. Though initially I had been

embarrassed for her to see me this way, as I felt her begin washing me, a

different set of feelings began to stir within me. Her delicate touch

started to send sky-rockets shooting up within me. I was surprised at

myself. Never before had I had such feelings toward another woman. At a

more tender age, I used to masturbate with my best friend in Florida. But

it never led to feelings such as these – feelings of desire, feelings of

intense need for connection. My head was swimming and indeed I felt that

at any moment my legs would give from under me. I was completely

overwhelmed by a mixed set of emotions. I was hoping that Shelley was

unaware of how I felt . . . or dare I hope she might feel the same as I?

“Some of this is pretty crusted”, she stated. “I’m going to have to soak

it a bit.”

With that she took a fresh, wet paper towel and spread it on my ass and

using the edge of her hand she pushed it down into the crack of my ass and

massaged it in. I felt as though my heart were spinning within me; the

sensations were much too intense. I could hardly endure anymore touching.

My only salvation was that Shelley ceased her massaging machinations.

My breathing had become fast and shallow. I could feel my nipples engorged

within my bra. I could hear my pulse pounding within my ears. And I began

to notice the unmistakable indications of arousal between my legs. My puss

was feeling ‘puffy’. And I knew I was moist – no, that’s not correct. I

was flowing. And I was filling the air with the unmistakable scent of

aroused girl. I could smell it. Distinctly. Could Shelley?

I was about to panic when Shelley returned her hand to my ass and began

cleaning once again. Using her free hand, she would spread me to provide

better access. I can’t explain why, but I was loving this. Never before

had I felt so exposed or vulnerable nor had I ever been so aroused. I’m

not sure I would have admitted it at the time, but I was secretly, inwardly

thrilled that Shelley was behind me seeing me this way.

“Oh, yes. This is coming off better now. Are you enjoying this?”

The question startled me. I was not prepared for it, nor was I ready to

admit the true nature of my feelings.

“No”, I said, “Why do you ask?”

“Because, you keep swaying your hips.”

My jaw dropped and for the first time I noticed that what she said was true

– I had reflexively been swaying.

“I’ll try to hold still”, I said.

“Oh, it’s ok. I was just wondering if this was getting you hot.”

And that is when it happened. Shelley got a fresh, damp paper towel and

began to wash up and down in my crack. Suddenly, her finger tip wrapped in

paper towel softly entered my anus with Shelley giving it a few twists to

clean me. The feeling made me gasp.

“Ahh, you are liking it, aren’t you?”

I didn’t answer as I was still uneasy about revealing my true feelings. I

mustn’t gasp again, I thought. And Shelley, teasing me, plunged her finger

in a bit deeper, twisting it more as it went. And as I planned, I

controlled the gasp, keeping it inside. But I hadn’t considered the

shudder and it came out for all to see.

“Hah, you do like, admit it.”

Yes, I did like it. And I felt that I could no longer resist or avoid

Shelley’s questions.

“God, that feels good.”

“Are you hot?”


“Are you wet?”


“Me too.”

I was surprised by her admission. I guess I had been concentrating on my

condition so much that I failed to think how Shelley might be affected.

But I was secretly delighted to hear that she, too, was stirred by all

this. But was she just hot or was she attracted to me as I was to her?

Shelley removed her finger and got a fresh towel again and quickly ran it

all over my bottom once more.

“Ok, that’s got it. You’re good as new now.”

Geez, I wanted to be dirty again. I was not ready for Shelley to remove

her hands from my bum. But knowing that we were both hot made me wonder

what might be next. I had never been a lesbian before; hadn’t even

considered it. And I didn’t really ‘feel’ like one now. But I was hot for

Shelley and deeply desired her and wanted her and I wanted her to want me.

But time was of the essence here. People would soon miss us outside if we

failed to show for our events. Shelley focused on the practical and I

thought perhaps she did not share my attraction for her.

“You’re going to need something to wear”, she said. With that she reached

for her bag and began to dig around. Quickly, she pulled out a clean pair

of panties.

“I brought these to put on after I showered at the end of the meet but you

need them more than I do.”

I also had a pair of clean panties in my bag, but somehow the thought of

her generosity was so compelling to me and the thought of wearing something

of hers was intoxicating. I turned around to face Shelley and she bent

down with her panties and brought them to my feet. I placed my hand on her

shoulder and stepped into them; first one foot and then the other. Shelley

began to pull them up my legs and as she rose up, her face was right in my

sex. I swear she paused there for a moment, whether to look or to smell

I’m not sure. She then continued on up to a full standing position,

pulling her panties up me all the way. Once they were up, with her fingers

hooked in the elastic, she slid her hands back around me and to the front

again as she straitened the fabric. She even reached back behind me and

pulled the elastic at the legs to remove any ‘wedgies’.

“There, all fixed. Oh, by the way Mandy, try not to get my panties too


She had noticed how wet I was. Perhaps that was why she paused while

pulling up the panties. Just having her confront me with it made my puss

twitch and seep. The words were barely out of her mouth and I was already

breaking her commandment.

“Sorry, I don’t have an extra pair of track shorts. Yours are a bit damp,

but being black it barely shows. I don’t think anyone will notice,

especially after you start warming up a bit.”

I didn’t relish the thought of putting them back on, but I knew Shelley was

right. I pulled them up and at that moment I knew I could hardly wait till

shower time. But that would have to wait until I completed my last event.

It did feel good to finally have on clothes that were not full of poo,

though. Shelley grabbed my soiled undies and held them over the toilet and

shook free a large plop of poo. She then exited the stall with them and

began to rinse them in the sink.

“Shelley, you don’t have to do that. I can.”

Shelley just looked at me and continued. “I don’t mind”, she said. Once

rinsed, she sat them to the side. I rolled them up in a few paper towels

and stuffed them into a pocket of my bag while Shelley washed and dried her


“Already?” she asked.

“Yes”, I said. But I was not quite. My arousal had subsided a bit, but at

this moment I felt so many things – I wasn’t sure what I should express

first or how I should express it. So, I simply leaned over to Shelley and

wrapped my arms around her and hugged her.

“Thanks, Shelley. For everything you’ve done. I don’t know what I would

have done if you hadn’t been here for me. This really means a lot to me.”

Shelley wrapped her arms around me, too, and pulled me closer. “Listen, I

was glad I could help. In fact I …”, she trailed off. After looking at

my face for a moment, she continued. “Mandy, do you have a boyfriend?”

“I had one in Florida”, I said, “but I haven’t found anyone I feel that

close to since coming here.”

“Oh”, she said. “Well, how do you feel about … I mean have you ever

thought about …”

I knew where she was leading and I understood her reluctance to be fully

candid. I wanted to help her out.

“Shelley, can I ask you a very personal question?”

She looked at me for a long time, peering into my eyes. It seemed as

though she wanted to see what was in my soul and I actually feel that she

could tell. “Ok”, she said, finally.

“Are you gay? Or are you at least attracted to girls?”

Her eyes brightened and huge smile appeared on her lips (oh, those

beautiful lips). “Yes”, she said, “are you?”

“I never have been before”, I admitted, “but Shelley, I am so attracted to

you I can barely stand.”

Shelley grabbed my face in her hands. I could see that her eyes were

beginning to brim with tears. She pulled my mouth to hers and gave me a

long, passionate kiss, thrusting her tongue past my lips and into my mouth.

I had never had a girl’s tongue in my mouth but the sensation was

incredible. I sucked on her tongue as if it were a guy’s dick. I think

that got Shelley really hot.

It is funny how a given period of time can seem like an eternity or brief

milliseconds. This seemed like both simultaneously. Eventually, Shelley

pulled back and gazed at me.

“I am so fucking hot for you”, she said, saying each word independently.

“Listen, there is no time right now, but would you wait to take your shower

until I’m done competing?”

As I said, I could hardly wait to take a shower and finally get truly

clean. But for this I could wait.

“Yes”, I managed to get out hoarsely.

We grabbed our things and headed to the door. How long had we been in

here? Surely the meet was over and everyone gone by now. But it was just

one of those funny tricks of time I mentioned. The meet was just starting

and Shelley and I went to prepare. We went and stretched together which

felt like having sex, in and of itself.

It was time for my first event. I run hurdles and competed in pole-vault,

both events that require a great deal of limberness. Shelley is a distance

runner, something which I later found out had certain advantages.

As I was setting the blocks for the 100-yard high-hurdles, I could smell my

puss juice in Shelley’s panties. Warming up had gotten me hot once again.

I stepped into the blocks, placed my hands at the edge of the starting line

and began to coil up tension in my leg muscles. My body felt so

electrified, I wasn’t sure I could remain in the blocks waiting for the

starter’s pistol. Surely I would scratch twice and be disqualified. And

if I didn’t, I had such butterflies by now I wasn’t sure if it would speed

me up or slow me down – and the butterflies weren’t because of the race.

Finally, the starter began her incantation, “Ready …, Set …,” and the

pistol fired. Perhaps being excruciatingly horny is a good thing. I am

used to winning, but not every time. This day, though, I won every heat of

every event I competed in, as did Shelley. The irony hit me later – we won

every heat while in heat!

Shelley completed her last event, the mile, while I sat on the grass

cheering her on. As much as I wanted her to win, I mostly wanted her to

cross the line so we could join each other in the shower. As she neared

the line, I ran over to it hollering louder and louder for her to run! As

she crossed the line, she quickly slowed her pace and I ran up to her to

help support her panting body. She draped her arms around my neck and hung

from me as she gulped in air. It felt so lovely to have her in my arms.

As I helped her walk and cool down, I cooed into her ear – “Are you ok?

… You won! … I loved seeing you stride!” I had my hand on Shelley’s

chest just below her breasts to help support her. It was by no accident

that it was there.

I began to think back to how Shelley’s hand had felt on my ass and in my

crack and how her finger had felt in my rectum. I was ready for this girl,

my first girl, my only girl. Shelley placed a hand on my thigh and then

slid it up a little. I knew she was ready as well. It gave me a perverse

thrill that our foreplay was essentially starting out here on the field in

front of everyone, but only we knew of the significance of our touchings.

Ribbon presentations took place shortly and I received three first place

and Shelley two. Finally we were able to head on to the locker room. We

quickly undressed, grabbed our towels and toiletries and headed to the

showers. Other girls were there, much to my disappointment, but Shelley

and I grabbed two shower heads side-by-side and turned on the water. All

the other girls were tittering and gossiping while Shelley and I just

showered in silence while glancing at each other and softly smiling. My

nipples were bulging, which I hoped no one else was paying mind to. I

noticed that Shelley’s breasts were slightly larger than mine and that her

nipples were slightly smaller in diameter than my own and did not stand out

as far as mine when hard. I wanted to suck on them and have her suck mine,

but that was not to be. Yet.

We finished our showers and toweled off and went back to our lockers.

Shelley and I sat combing our hair with our towels wrapped around us. We

lingered while the other girls dressed and headed out the door.

Eventually, we were the only two girls left on our side of the lockers,

though we could here others around the corner. Shelley pulled out her

change of clothes, which consisted of a T-shirt, and nylon warm-up pants.

She also had a clean bra, but this she stuffed back into her backpack while

giving me a devilish grin. I, too, had nylon warm-up pants and a clingy,

stretch-fabric top. I wasn’t sure I should wear such a close fitting top

without a bra, but I knew Shelley would like it. And besides, I could put

my jacket on over it so no one would know. And as I said, I had a clean

pair of undies in my backpack, but I left them there, also. I wanted to be

‘free’ underneath like Shelley! We quickly dressed, pulling on our shirts

(everything about my breasts was revealed under mine), and pulling our

pants up over our exposed cunts. It felt so deliciously wicked. Socks and

shoes quickly followed and then we slipped on our jackets for a little

modesty and because it was getting cool out now. Shelley’s jacket was the

one she had placed over my lap earlier and I hoped it didn’t smell. If it

did, she gave no sign of it.

We finished gathering our things and headed out the door to the bus. As I

boarded the bus and walked past Mr. Cuthbert, it was all I could do to keep

from scratching his eyes out, though I guess I do owe him some amount of

gratitude. After all, it was him who brought Shelley and I together. All

the same, I still would have liked to see him pinned under a boulder


Shelley and I returned to the back row again, but we sat on the other side

of the aisle. I was not sure how clean the other bench was nor did I wish

to investigate. It was beginning to be dusk as we slipped into our seat.

Once again, most of the girls were toward the front or scattered around a

little and Shelley and I were virtually left alone for which I was


As soon as we were in our seat, Shelley’s hand went down my pants. It felt

great to have her holding me so intimately! I quickly reached up her

T-shirt and squeezed her breast. Feeling her supple breast was so

exhilarating, but I dared not keep my hand there long lest we be found out.

I quickly removed my hand, but hers remained in place; cupped over my mons.

Because it had been a long day, Mr. Cuthbert drove the bus to a nearby

restaurant. We all piled in to eat. Most of the girls looked and sounded

tired. I was not, though. It was all I could do not to throw myself on

top of Shelley and ravage her. I think she was in the same state.

Shelley and I slid into a booth together and grabbed a menu. Two other

girls from the team sat down across from us – Trisha and Susan. I was

hungry, but it seemed like such an annoyance at this moment. I had other

appetites that I wanted to sate just now. Shelley put her hand on my thigh

under the table and she kept slowly raising it higher and higher, causing

me to squirm from delight and the thought that Trish or Sue might catch on

at any moment.

“Boy, you guys were hot out there today! Five first place ribbons between

you!”, exclaimed Sue.

If only Sue had known just how hot we had been out there! It was hard to

stifle a laugh.

“You just have to be well lubricated”, deadpanned Shelley. Everyone at the

table burst out laughing as my face flushed red. Though everyone knew what

she meant, I don’t think Trish or Sue took her serious, thank goodness. I

would have been mortified if they had known the true situation.

All through our meal I just wanted to get out of there; to get back on the

bus, alone with Shelley. It seemed the time would never arrive, but

thankfully it did. Before we left, however, Shelley insisted that I visit

the restroom. No need to go through this morning’s torture again!

Once again, Shelley and I re-took our seat at the back of the bus. It was

pitch black outside now, which gave us the cover of darkness to shadow our

urgent touching.

Once again, Shelley’s hand shot down my pants. Oh God, her finger felt

good as it pierced me. All I could do was lean back and moan softly. I

wanted to moan loudly but had to control myself. I lay back as her finger

worked its magic in my cunt. I could feel girl juice flowing out of me,

down between my thighs and into the crack of my ass. Shelley leaned back

with me and said, “I remember how you liked this earlier, so I’m going to

do it to you again.” And with that, she pulled her finger from my puss and

slipped it lower, plunging it into my ass up to the hilt. I could have

died a happy woman right then. While she twisted and shoved her finger in

my ass, she brought her thumb to my clit. I was in ecstasy as I stretched

out my legs as stiff as they would go.

Though Shelley had been at my sex for only a minute, I felt an impending,

crashing wave building. I’ve never come this soon before and when it hit,

it hit hard. I’ve always dribbled a little liquid when coming, but this

time it gushed. I felt my pants fill with the liquid – everywhere. My ass

was wet, my legs were wet. Shelley brought out her wet hand and smeared

some of it on my face. She then lifted her top and wiped the rests on her

breasts. “How beautiful they look”, I remember thinking, and I reached out

and caressed them.

I was panting and trying to regain my composure. I don’t know how long I

was dazed, but it felt as though some time passed before I could think and

see straight.

After leaning against Shelley for a few moments to catch my breath and

allow my pulse to slow, I reached down into her pants. It felt so

incredibly good to hold another girl’s sex! I can’t describe it. Never

before had I done anything so intimate or secret or special to another girl

and doing it now made me feel as if I would faint! I had held my

boyfriend’s dick before, but this was even more thrilling to me. It was as

if I could not be close enough to Shelley’s cunny. I wanted to climb

inside her.

I began to part her soft hair and cleave her lips with my finger. The feel

of her slippery, wet girl juice made my puss twitch again. How could one

girl produce so much lubrication? I decided to find out.

Briefly, I glanced to the front of the bus. A few girls up front were

still talking, but most looked crashed. I quickly slipped down into the

floor and faced towards Shelley. Reaching up, I grabbed the waistband of

her pants. Shelley raised her ass instinctively and I quickly pulled her

pants down, revealing her beautiful cunny. I plunged my face directly into

her sex. I did not start licking her – not yet. I just inhaled. I

smelled her terrific girlish, hot, aroused, ready to fuck smell. It was so

intoxicating. To this day, Shelley loves it when I just smell her.

Sometimes, I’ll walk into the room and just seeing her arouses a need in me

to smell her. I will tell her to pull down her shorts and I bury my nose

in her mound. We won’t even have sex, usually, nor is Shelley expecting

it, usually. I just sometimes need a snuffle of her pheromones. Anyway, I

just took in Shelley’s aroma for a while. Then I parted her lips with my

tongue and lapped at her hole and her juices and her clit. Shell tasted so


And it must have felt good. Shelley grabbed the back of my head and pulled

my face into her crotch as she writhed on the seat. She kept bucking her

puss up into my face and I could tell she was near. I danced my tongue as

fast as I could across her button and within moments she was emitting

barely stifled guttural groans and grunts of pure climax pleasure. I had

made a girl cum! Me. Amanda. I had done that. Wow! I couldn’t believe


I kept my tongue entrenched between her legs until I was certain Shell’s

orgasm had subsided. Slowly I rose back to the bench beside her. Shell

leaned over and kissed me sweetly on the lips. Her pants were still down

around her ankles, but she made no effort to pull them up. Her hand went

to her cunny and she began to slowly stroke herself.

“Not enough?”, I asked.

“You’ve got me on fire, girlfriend. I need more to quench this.”

And while I watched her finger herself to another orgasm, I too began

another round with my finger. Shell made me pull my pants down so she

could watch, as well. With our free hands we roamed each others bodies –

breasts, thighs, pusses, even asses. Before we arrived home, we must have

pleasured ourselves three or four times each. It was mind blowing.

And I thought we had gotten away with it until Trish, who had been sitting

about four rows ahead of us, asked me the next week at school if we had

come enough times. My first thought was that Shell and I are dead now.

The whole school will find out. I asked Trish how she knew and she said

she had heard us and had seen me drop to the floor. I was totally

embarrassed and afraid until Trish remarked that she had fingered herself

twice just listening to us. Her admission surprised me but relieved me a

bit. Perhaps she won’t tell, and she didn’t. Trish was real cool about

it. In fact, she and I became good friends (platonic) at school all the

way to graduation.

Shell and I have been together almost six years now and we are incredibly

in love with each other. Shelley has always been gay and I, of course,

like boys. But, I could not possibly see myself with a boy now. It’s me

and Shell, all the way. Just us.

I’ve debated whether to relate this last bit, but after considering it,

I’ve decided to out of a sense of full disclosure. Shelley and I would

spend the nights together at my house or hers often after our relationship

began. My parents were glad to see me finally have a close friend (they

would have been shocked to know how close!) and Shell’s father (her mother

had died when she was four) seemed to care little about what Shell did.

Because of this, we had many nights of incredible passion. We often would

wake in bed together, totally nude after our heated nights.

One such Saturday morning we awoke in bed at Shell’s house. Her dad was

gone to work for the day, which left us alone in the house. As we slowly

roused, we began to cuddle and caress, as we often did. And we began to

talk of that first day that we ‘met’. Shell talked about how much it

turned her on cleaning me that day in the bathroom stall; how she loved

running her hands over my ass and into my crack and how she enjoyed

spreading me to get to every part. And I spoke of how hot it got me being

touched so secretively and privately and how her finger felt as it

naughtily penetrated me. And then she dropped a bombshell on me.

“Do it again for me”, she asked.

“No way!” I protested. I couldn’t believe she had requested such a thing.

Did she think we were perverts? However, I regretted how quickly I said

no, or at least how I said no, because Shelley seemed to suddenly draw

distant. I had offended or embarrassed her the way I handled it.

As the day progressed, I helped Shelley around the house with her chores.

Shell’s dad left all that to her to do, as if she were her mom’s

replacement. But when we worked together it didn’t take very long, so it

was okay.

As I helped around the house, I couldn’t get Shelley’s request out of my

mind or the look when I said no. “Maybe it would be okay”, I thought.

After all, it was not the poo that had stirred us so that day, but the

intimacy of Shelley cleaning me and of me being exposed before her. There

was nothing wrong with that was there?

And as the afternoon approached it became apparent that I did need to go,

so if I decided to do so, I was biologically prepared for the assignment.

But I was still unsure, so I ignored nature’s call and soon the urgency

subsided. Eventually, though, it returned and was not so easily put off.

I decided that if I were to relent, it would have to be now for I could no

longer deny the insistent pressure in my bottom. I decided I would do as

Shelley wished.

Now, Shelley and I were both dressed in panties and tight shorts with

shirts tied to expose our midriffs. I had been vacuuming in the bedroom at

this point and Shell was out in the garage putting laundry in the wash. I

walked out there and stood a short distance behind her.


Shelley turned round to face me. “What, hon?”

I did not answer her, but stood there whilst I relaxed my body to go.

Shelley looked at me a little perplexed until she noticed me bear down in

my shorts. Suddenly, she realized what was up and smiled and quickly

closed the distance between us. Shell through her arms around me as I

pushed with all my might. As long as I was going to do this, I was going

to ‘go’ all the way. I emptied as much as I possibly could and because my

shorts were tight, I could feel it expanding all over inside. And Shell

dropped her hands down to my bum and squeezed me up tight against her,

which caused things to squish even more. And whenever I poo, it is rather

automatic that I must pee along with it and so a torrent began to gush out

of me. Much of it ran down my legs and much of it soaked through the front

of my shorts and onto and into Shelley’s shorts. There was pee all over

the garage floor.

When I was spent, Shelley, grinning from ear to ear, took me over to the

utility basin in the garage, removed every article of clothing from me and

then herself, and proceeded to clean just as that first day. When she was

done I washed my pee from her and then we fucked right there in the garage

for two hours. It was unbelievably hot once again. It was not the same as

before; we can never recapture that first encounter. But it was pretty

fucking hot, just the same. Shell and I have done this a few other times.

Mostly on special events, like our first anniversary and birthdays


Well, that’s it. I hope I haven’t grossed you out, because it is not that

way to us. Neither of us is into scat or toilet games. We are into the

incredible feelings that were revealed that first time. We wish to

recapture the incredible impulses and emotions that were unleashed on that

day. I love Shell so much, and I find it impossible to deny her the

desires of her heart. I’m so glad I have been that desire these past six


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