Mama why!?

Okay so I just wanted to say this never happened to me and that I am a girl so forgive me if it isn’t good. Kay thanks.

I come home from school to see my mother had gotten a package. Being the curious little POS I am I decided to open it! But I wish I hadn’t. Inside were ropes, diapers, bags of this soapy water, and some kind of pill.. What the hell? 
“Joshua..? Why did you open my package?”
“mom what are these for?” I asked ignoring her question. I was afraid of the answer but I needed to ask.
“you’ll see soon enough. Go sit on your bed and wait for me please. Go straight there and do not leave that bed got it young man?”
“am I being punished for opening this?”
“just go.. Now” I scurried upstairs. I had to go per pretty bad but an order was an order so I went to my bed and sat. About 15 minutes later of  squirming, and desperate dances my mother came in with the box. She told me to lay down and to take off my shirt. I was pretty skinny do I didn’t mind and my mom had walked in on me half naked before so I didn’t care. She tied one wrist in a tight loop before stringing it to the headboard and doing the same to my arms and legs though my legs were pretty far apart.. I was getting nervous. My hands were sweating, I had to pee bad, and I couldn’t help but squirm..
“hold still or I’ll spank you joshua!” I tried to be still but it didn’t work. She undid my pants sliding them to my ankles before cutting my underwear off.
“Mom!? What are you doing!?”
“hush up, little boys who don’t listen like big boys get treated like little boys” she said clearly like it was a duh statement. I felt her lift my hips and place a cutiony cloth thing under me before pulling it up between my legs and taping it in place. I was wearing a diaper!!
My urge to pee grew because my body knew what this was. A toilet, a padded toilet. I jerked to stop the urge but I was startin to sprinkle. I cried to be let up. I begged for the toilet but it was to late my mother was witnessing her 16 year old son wetting his diaper very well. She sat beside me rubbing my bare stomach and cooing to me
“there there” she said “that’s a good baby. That’s what the dipie is for baby to get wet and messy okay?” I turned my head away in shame. Once I was done, she could tell, she moved the diaper allowing access to my arse hole, as she placed a tube deep inside me I cried out and jerked around only for a binky to appear in my mouth and the ropes to tighten. Then it started hot soapy water filled me and it burned I started to cry at how horrible it felt. After what seemed like forever she pulled it out, placed the soaked diaper over my butt and began to rub my belly again. Before I could even understand what was going on I let out a babies whine around the pacifier, involuntarily pushing my bottom half and releasing a huge load of wet goopy poop into my diaper. The feeling was worse then being sick. What was happening to me!!! My mom loved it! Then she reached into her box again…
(should I continue?)

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