Making the drive a little more interesting 2

Ever since I wet myself driving the first time a couple months ago, I’ve been trying to find a chance to do it again and to make a video too. After patiently waiting for the right time, this morning I finally got my chance.

 I spent the night before with 3 new friends, all of us guys and between 27 and 29. We passed the night throwing wii remotes around  while bowling, talking crap, swapping sexcapades and fetishes, checking out all the pretty girls and guys online, watching porn and all the other stupidity that comes with making new friends and hanging out.

The night started pretty late at about ten and finished even later at about 7.30 the next morning. We took it easy drinking through, trying to be sensible, slowing down as the night wore on. Even with the drinking slowing we steadily got crazier as the night drew to a close, ending with the four of us all wrestling one another on the floor. Hands, feet, heads, legs, crotches, everything went everywhere with everything getting bruised and bashed. After a good half hour we each managed to retreat to safety to cradle our injuries. Two of the boys copped a hand or foot in the balls, leaving them wincing, another got headbutted in the head and I felt a few blows to my kidneys and bladder.

So this is where the peeing story really begins. All the stuff before, well it was a funny night and I wanted to share it lol.

It was while one of the boys had grappled me and almost squished my bladder and instantaneously left me busting to pee, that I started to plan my drive home. As we recovered from the wrestling match it was getting towards the end of the night. I had only pissed once that night despite having a few drinks and was almost about to go to the toilet until I remembered when I wet myself driving the first time. I got a little excited thinking about it that I felt a few drops of pee wet my boxers. After regaining control of myself, I began to plan. Towel in the car, yes, phone with video camera, yes, full bladder and long drive, yes and yes.

Shortly after I made my excuses, said goodbye and went to my car. I knew from experience that it wasn’t going to be easy to piss while driving but I was going to do it! I stopped around the corner from my friend’s place to get my towel and phone set up so I didn’t have to explain what I was doing to my friends. I didn’t mention my love for pee to them through the night, as all of them quite clearly said it wasn’t something they weren’t into.

The drive was long and pretty boring for most of it. I spent my time trying to build myself up to peeing, getting myself closer and closer to letting go each time. Finally with just under ten min before I made it home I finally managed to get a few little squirts out. I could see and feel my pee soak into my undies and shorts, leaving a small wet spot on my lap. Reaching into my shorts I moved myself around a little to make sure I wet as much of my shorts and undies as possible.  Concentrating again I could feel myself start to really piss and felt the incredible sensation of the wet warmth spreading across and down my legs and lap. Driving down the road I kept adjusting and squeezing myself and my shorts, as I felt my pee slowly soaking my towel and making a pool form under my butt. And looking down I could see the wetness spreading across my lap as I soaked my shorts.

Looking up I laughed as I drove past a car going the other way. I was soaked and they had no idea. I felt a little rebellious then, laughing and thinking to myself, “Peeing my pants to stick it to the man.” It was so good knowing that they had no idea I was pissing myself and sitting in a warm pool of my own pee. Finally I managed to squeeze out all that i could and then let myself enjoy the dissipating warmth as I continued home. I stayed sitting on my wet towel in my wet shorts for a few more minutes once I got home. I really just wanted to reverse, drive off and wet myself again. I grinned a little as I reached up to hit stop on the video recorder on my phone, I had done it finally, pissed myself driving again and this time actually got it on tape.

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  1. How about one where you try to actually hold the desperate pee in and try NOT to let it out?
    THAT would be really interesting (and horny) to hear about and different. Everyone just lets it out. Its getting boring……

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