Making it permanent

As you can imagine I have been into pooping in my underpants and nappies for, well…. Forever really and I have twice developed a medical condition known as a rectal fissure and so I am more than aware of what it’s like being incontinent and over the last few years I have been having problems with wetting myself (everynight now) and increasingly more and more often I’ve been wetting myself during the day too. This is due to a couple of factors but the main reason is a nervous condition which seems not to be getting any better and after quite a few rather embarrassing pants pissing situations in public I’ve decided that it is a good idea if I simply decide to start wearing and using nappies all the time to do my number 1s and number 2’s in every day and never use the toilet again. I have already tried this out when I’ve been out with some friends in public and they haven’t really reacted too well to me “accidentally shitting myself” and the fact that I have been wearing a rather bulky nappy at the time which makes it pretty easy for everybody to see and obviously the smell kind of gives them an idea of what I’ve done and why it is I’m wearing them. Although I do prefer the really bulky, noisy disposable nappies which aren’t too discreet especially if they begin to start sagging in the back of my trousers they seem to be the main source of my friends embarrassment as I’m shuffling along with my nappies sounding like plastic carrier bags and sagging half way down the back of my backside and can clearly be seen from a mile off by anyone who happens to glance in the general direction of my shit filled pants and as it happens they haven’t asked me to spend the day out with them in public especially after the last time I was in the cinema only about 15 minutes into the film when all of a sudden I had a rather pungent sickly sweet, very strong smell coming from my backside which I tried to ignore although it seems that the people around me weren’t going to join me and I could hear the comments and also the look of utter humiliation on the three friends faces who were with me at the time said it all and as I stood up feeling my backside releasing the rest of the load of very smelly diarrhoea in which I was already sitting in I waddled my way out of the cinema to the comments from the others confirming to each other that it must be me who stinks and that I’d obviously just sat and shit in my underpants and was kinda still doing so while I waddled out the cinema and quickly to the disabled toilets at which point I realised that I had brought everything with me except a clean change of underwear (nappies) and although I did manage to remove the very shitty undergarments from my backside and clean it up I was then left with no choice but to put the shitty nappy that I’d just taken off, back on to my bottom after trying to get as much of the mess as possible from inside it first it still smelled really bad and after waiting for my friends to come and see if I was okay for half an hour or so I decided it would be better if I just went to the bus station and get the bus home to save them from having to be seen in the middle of the city centre during a very busy day with their stinky, shitty arsed friend sagging behind them as they try not to let anyone know of the fact that they were with me or even knew me as I have noticed that I’m now usually a few feet behind whoever I am with at the time after having just crapped myself with no warning whatsoever of which I totally understand that I’m obviously an embarrassment for the people that are in my company and all of a sudden I will have a strong smell of shit around me and I guess I will have to give them credit to the fact they are obviously trying their best so as not to make it obvious that they are aware of the fact they can’t help but notice what I’ve just done and quite often am still doing as I have said it can sometimes take a while for me to have dropped a full load although it’s readily apparent that I have shit myself by the smell which is pretty much instantly recognised as soon as it begins to happen. Sometimes if I have a bad case of diarrhoea it can all come sliding out and depending on weather or not I’m wearing the correct underwear or if I happen to be sitting down at the time this can be a little bit of an embarrassing situation for me as it can sometimes get rather messy very quickly and it’s usually when I’m somewhere in the middle of nowhere and certainly not within a reasonable distance to the nearest public convenience so as I can try to clean myself up as best as possible. If I am wearing a pair of my rubber underwear and this happens then it’s best that I’m not sitting down at the moment it happens or it will almost immediately fall through the elasticated leg gathers and down my trouser legs and when I stand up to get somewhere else, basically anywhere that other people aren’t thats the moment I am praying that the mess hasn’t already come through my trousers so it’s started to make a big brown patch on the back where I’ve been sat down as its all just rapidly slid out and into my underpants that I’ve mistakenly chosen to wear that day and as it has a knack of doing, diarrhoea strikes fast and it’s already filling my pants before I even have a chance to stand up which funny enough is usually one of the main times that it will begin to happen. It’s not too bad if it’s a firm enough load for it not to become a mess very quickly and obviously that I’m wearing the necessary protective underwear for the occasion 🤪💩so I have decided that I’m going to go ahead and begin to wear proper disposable adult nappies all of the time to ensure that these such incidents will be properly contained within my “special underpants” until such a time as to be able to clean myself up and put a fresh change on my backside. It seems to me that it would be silly not to wear them being as how I have accidents everyday without fail and as they say “friendship is like pissing your pants” “everyone can see it but only you can feel its warmth” 🤣

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