Making gardening more fun

I was asked where I like best to poop in my panties.Sometimes when I go grocery shopping or walking in the park.It all depends how naughty I am feeling really.Of course at a movie too where it is dark and nothing is seen.Mom and I have done it on a train and on a bus before I converted Sally.I think we all like to enjoy the summer by peeing our pants out in the garden where it is hot and it dries fast ready to pee again.We can actually pee in our pants all day if we time it right and drink lots.For example eat breakfast with drinks then go out and pee my slacks fully,then do some gardening in the hot sun which dries it out pretty quick.Have more drinks to keep me hydrated which makes me want to pee again,so pee my slacks and do more gardening as they dry once more,having drinks to cool me down and when I feel I need to pee again my now dry slacks get wet again,and so on all day.Sometimes an urge will come over me to poop at some time whilst gardening which is no problem as I just allow it to slide out into my cotton panties and enjoy the feeling of gardening in pooped panties which I can recommend.

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  1. wow.. I would love to do gardening with you… we could pee and poop our pants all day long xoxo

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