Making a Deposit in the Bank

Well this morning I finally did the full shebang in a nappy. I woke up, earlier than I wanted to and could feel I really needed to go. I debated between trying to go back to sleep, going to the loo or going to the bank in a nappy. As sleep wasn’t forthcoming, I’m sure you can guess which option won out.

I got out of bed, put a t-shirt and jumper on, slipped the napped on and then some joggers, got the money and wandered to the bank. As soon as I stood up I could feel the push but there wouldn’t be any point in filling in a nappy in my hallway. So I kept it in and headed off round the corner and along the high street to the bank.

Annoyingly when I got to the bank there wasn’t a queue for the cashiers so I had to speed up my plans a bit. There was a woman in front my but she was finished really quick. While the woman was depositing my money I started to push a bit to help it along. As she was wittering away I could feel the poo really move down and start to push open my ass and some pee was dribbling out too. As she started to hand me back my card and receipt and stuff suddenly poo was rushing out of my ass and filling my nappy. It was a huge but very soft load and I as I turned away from the counter it was still pushing out and filling the nappy which made for a slightly waddly walk through the bank.

When I got back out on to the busy high street I put a receipt in the bin and stopping for that brief second another wave of poo filled my nappy. I still had to waddle home with the nappy really hanging down with the weight of all that poo and was a little nervous that someone might see the dangling back in my joggers. Was mega hot and looking forward to the next nappy adventure, hopefully with something a little more solid and somewhere a little more public 😀

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