Major Accident

Late one evening a few weeks ago as it was getting later I had some energy so I decided to go for a walk. I hadn’t peed for four hours and had been drinking water and a few beers during that time, but didn’t really need to go when I left the house. I was wearing some blue mesh gym shorts, black boxerbriefs, and a hoodie…and as I walked a noticeable chill was in the air and I started to feel a slight fullness in my bladder. I figured that I would be fine, I typically have a very strong bladder and haven’t had an accident in years. I kept walking away from my house. About two miles from the house, the need to pee hit me like a ton of bricks. I went from an uncomfortable twinge to the knee-buckling, need to grab myself panic in the matter of minutes. Knowing there was a park not far from where I was, I diverted my journey in that direction hoping to make it to the bathroom in time. Within two minutes I knew I had a problem. As I was walking, I had to stop to maintain control and all of a sudden my bladder started spasming. As I stood bent over in the street, a spurt of pee jetted out, causing noticeable dampness in my boxerbriefs. My shorts were still dry, but every minute or two another spurt of pee would come out, and before long my underwear was saturated. Here I was, 25 years old and I was starting to pee my pants. I wasn’t going to make it to the park. Unfortunately the town I live in has no sympathy for public urination, and as I was in a residential neighborhood finding a bush wasn’t an option. I decided to turn around and head back home, hoping to minimize the damage and under the delusion that I could still make it – despite the fact that I had essentially peed myself already. I held on for about 10 minutes until I was nearing a bridge that crossed a stream not far from home. At that point, perhaps it was the flowing water of the stream or out of sheer desperation, but I started to feel a numbness in my bladder that I hadn’t felt since I wet my pants in the car when I was 16. I knew I was in trouble. My bladder was rock hard and distended and as I felt my pants to assess the situation, my boxerbriefs were soaked in the front. It was only a matter of time. I started to jog, holding on to the hope that I could make it home without having a complete accident. With each step, my bladder felt weaker and weaker, and as I reached the bridge I felt a trickle in my pants that didn’t stop this time. I immediately stopped, crossed my legs, and grabbed myself – to no avail. Within a few seconds, I was uncontrollably wetting my pants as the pee cascaded out of my shorts and down my legs. I bent over a bit and leaned against the bridge, feeling immediate relief as the pain was relieved from my bladder. The warmth spread throughout my crotch, while at the same time I was overtaken with embarrassment feeling like I was a little kid doing something naughty. After peeing for what felt like 5 minutes, I looked down and saw a huge wet spot on the ground and my shorts were literally steaming from the pee in the cold. Fortunately, my shorts were navy blue and it was dark out, so the large wet spot on the front wasn’t entirely obvious. I was torn between feeling so relieved from not having to pee anymore but also mortified that I had just had a complete accident. My socks and shoes were drenched in pee, and all down my inner thighs and calfs I could feel the wetness and smell the urine. I hoped to god that I didn’t run into anybody on the rest of the way home. Thankfully I made it home without further incident, and immediately went to the bathroom to pee again and strip off my soaked clothing. My shorts had a dinner-plate sized wet spot in the front that went down to the crotch, and my boxerbriefs were a lost cause being completely wet in the front, down both legs, and half-way up the back. I thanked my lucky stars for wearing black that day, so no stain on the underwear, and immediately in the wash they went with the rest of my outfit. Hopefully this is a one-off for me, although there have been a few other times in the past few months where I was too close to having an accident for comfort. Apparently I need to be sure I go before I leave the house, and continue to wear discreet clothing!

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  1. Great story! The description of your desperation was so graphic – I actually leaked whilst reading it. You mentioned in your story that you wet your pants in the car when you were 16 – pleasepost this story too! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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