Maid of Honour

As a transvestite, it had always been my dream to be a bridesmaid. My elder sister had known about my love of feminine things since we were tiny; indeed it could have been her love of dressing me up as a girl when we were children that influenced me in the direction of transvestism. So you can imagine how delighted I was when she told me that she was getting married and that she wanted me to be her chief bridesmaid. I had ‘come out’ as a transvestite to some of my friends and to my immediate family but there would be many people at the wedding who were unaware of my secret and who would discover it if I accepted this role. However the possible fulfilment of a dream was so strong that I threw caution to the winds and accepted her generous offer.

All the bridesmaids were to wear matching pale pink satin dresses and as chief bridesmaid mine was to be a little more flamboyant than the rest with extra bows and frills. I well remember going to the wedding shop to be measured and later to try the dress on and to have it adjusted to fit me perfectly. I wondered whether to wear male or female underwear when visiting the shop as the staff would be bound to see my undies. As I was to be fitted for a dress, I decided that feminine underwear was appropriate and I chose a pair of black control panties which would minimise any masculine bulge and wouldn’t show any slight leakage of precum which was likely to ooze from the tip of my penis with the thrill of being attended by women intent on getting the fit of my beautiful dress just right. It was wonderful being treated as a woman and none of the staff at the shop expressed any surprise or other emotion at the choice of a man as ‘Maid of Honour’, so I suspected that I may not have been the first male bridesmaid they had supplied with a dress.

The day of the wedding arrived and I was very excited but also very nervous. One potential problem was toilet access. If I were to use the gents, I would cause quite a stir but if I were to use the ladies, I could be breaking the law. I decided to eliminate the problem completely by wearing a thick nappy and a pretty frilly pink satin rubber lined waterproof nappy cover over it in case anyone happened to lift my skirts. Also, although the bulk of a nappy would have been very noticeable in trousers, under the bridesmaid’s dress, it simply enhanced my hips and bum giving me a more feminine look. I had worn padding under my control panties at the fitting with a view to a more feminine look so the dress still hung perfectly.

At the church I received many complimentary remarks on my appearance and Janet, my sister, explained to those previously unaware of my transvestism that she thought I’d make a good bridesmaid and didn’t they think so too, thus implying that it was her decision to have me dressed in such a delightfully feminine outfit. One or two expressed disapproval but overall the mood was favourable and I began to feel very relaxed.

It was about halfway through the service that I became aware of an urgent fullness in my rectum and I thought how convenient it was that I’d decided on the nappy as otherwise I would have had to embarrass myself and others by having to make my way to the toilet and so disrupting the service. As it was I just gave a gentle push and then my body took over. It was wonderful feeling my arse squeezing its contents out into my nappy in public and me in a bridesmaids dress in church too! It was a huge load and I was very glad that the nappy fitted so well and contained it all. At this point I realised that that my bladder also needed relief and as my nappy was already well used I saw no point in holding back and again the relief was delightful as I relaxed and let my bladder empty into my nappy. It felt so deliciously naughty, pissing and shitting myself in a dress in public, that I got an erection which fortunately was sufficiently contained within my nappy that there was no unfeminine bulge visible at the front of my dress. After filling my nappy I was a little concerned about the smell but the waterproof nappy cover did a perfect job and kept the smell contained as well as the rest of the nappy contents, even when I sat down in the soft warm soggy mess, which felt so good as it oozed around my balls and up between my buttocks.

The other bridesmaids were all girls, ranging in age from 5 to 18, all of whom thought it a giggling matter to have a man as chief bridesmaid. At the reception, it was wonderful to be seated with the bride and groom at the head table and to be given a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for fulfilling my role as head bridesmaid. I said thankyou and gave a little curtsey as I was handed the bouquet,

After the meal came the dancing and after the bride and groom had had the first dance, the Best Man invited me to dance; I was in heaven as I danced in the arms of a handsome young man, my skirts swirling as I twirled in time with the music. My partner’s hands had been exploring a little more than I thought they should during our dance but I was so happy to be treated so thoroughly as a woman that I welcomed the extra attention, and when he suggested we go outside for a breather, I welcomed the opportunity to be alone with him. It was dusk by now as he led me across the lawn to a secluded summerhouse in the woods. It was there that he told me that he found me irresistible and before I could comment his lips were on mine, his tongue was exploring my mouth and his hand was under my skirt. I was wondering what his reaction would be when he encountered the nappy but all he said was, “Ooh yes, a naughty little girl who wets her nappy. How utterly delightful!” He slid his finger under the leg elastic of the nappy cover and explored my messy nappy. I wondered what he’d say when he realised my nappy was not only wet but well filled, so I was thrilled when he said, “You really are a very naughty girl, aren’t you?” as he pulled his finger clear of my nappy and to my astonishment put it straight into his mouth, obviously enjoying cleaning the brown mess off his finger with his tongue! The summerhouse was too public for anything other than fondling and kissing but he told me his room number (we were all staying overnight) and begged me to come to his room after the reception. I was a little doubtful – was I gay? – but the chance to be treated entirely as woman, even to the point of being fucked by a man, was just so irresistible that I acquiesced to his pleadings. I was in quite a state of anticipation as the reception drew to a close and we all retired to our rooms. Once I had made sure that the coast was clear, I made my way to Tim’s room, not even taking the time to remove my (by now well soaked and filled) nappy as Tim had expressed an interest in wetting and messing fun.

He opened the door immediately to my tap and hurried me inside. Once again I felt his lips on mine and his tongue inside my mouth but this time it was a relatively brief kiss as he wanted to get under my skirts as soon as possible. He pulled down the waterproof frilled satin nappy cover and then carefully undid the safety pins before removing the sodden messy mass of towelling. He used the cleaner parts of the nappy to remove most of the shit from my buttocks and balls and then he dumped the nappy in the shower before he was under my skirts again. I soon felt his mouth sucking my penis which soon grew very hard, at which point he turned his attention to my bottom. I had never before experienced a tongue probing my anus, and the remaining mess didn’t put him off one bit; indeed, I suspected that it added to his arousal. It was certainly a feeling I wanted to last and to repeat. I felt his lips surrounding my rosette as his tongue did its best to get inside, licking, pushing and probing, giving me the most exquisite sensations. If this was what being gay involved, then I was all for it. After some time he emerged from under my dress with a very prominent bulge showing in the front of his trousers. By now I was willing to do anything and I immediately reached for his zip. I undid his trousers as quickly as I could and then lowered his figure-hugging lycra underpants to reveal his magnificent manhood which I couldn’t resist taking into my mouth after dropping to my knees. A few minutes of oral manipulation were all he could stand before he pulled out and commanded me “On the bed on all fours!” I obeyed and there was a little struggling to free the skirts trapped under my knees to give him full access to my arse. Once again I felt his lips and tongue on my arse but then I felt an exploring finger work its way right inside me before I felt something much bigger and thicker than a finger pushing at my anus. By now I really wanted him inside me and I pushed back in response. There was a moment of discomfort as I felt my sphincter yield to our combined efforts and it was a glorious moment as I felt him slide inside me, inch by inch until I felt his pubes against my cheeks. A repeated slow partial withdrawal and reinsertion then began, giving me tremendous pleasure from the sensations in my anus and rectum. This slow fucking rhythm continued for about 15 minutes before his excitement got the better of him and his tempo increased. I was in heaven and had no idea that the pleasure could reach even greater heights but as his thrusting became more urgent, I found myself involuntarily tightening my sphincter until with a couple of final deep thrusts and a long “Aaaaahhh”, Tim pumped me full of his love juice at which moment I too spurted a large quantity of cream onto the bedspread. I didn’t want him to pull out but he softened and with a slight plop I felt his cock slip out of me soon followed by a trickle of his cum which ran down the back of my balls. Being well and truly fucked by a handsome man who really fancied me was by far the highlight of the wedding and we’ve agreed that we want to repeat the experience as often as possible.

It’s great to have found a man who appreciates my transvestism, my new-found love of nappies, including using them to the full, and enjoys treating me as a girl in every respect.

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