Magic pants part 2

This is a add on to the first story “The “Magic” pants”
We leave the store with you in wet pants but now that it is over you don’t even seem to notice you are in wet pants. We stop at a fast food place and get some food and of course You have the largest drink they serve. You walk in unaware of any looks you are receiving. A few girls look at your wet pants and giggle but you just carry on as if nothing was different.
We finish our food and you finish your drink wondering why it seems like it was a small not a extra large. I get you a refill and we head out. You start to have that feeling agen and you now know that you need to pee but figure that it will be no problem and you’ll go when you have time.
In the car you put on your seat belt and it pushes on your balder and you briefly think you should have used the potty at the fast food place. Well we are heading home and you are a grown man so you just wiggle a little and hold it.
We get home and you realize that you should go to the potty NOW but then realize that I bought things at the store and you want to see what all I got. You give yourself a squeeze and follow me in to the living room. I open one of the bags and you see new pants and under were for you. I look at you as you pinch yourself agen and as you if you want to try on your new things or go potty first. Excited about new stuff you want to try it on right away. I take off your wet things and quickly slide the new dry clothing on you.
You love how it feels and I smile as I bring something else out of the bag. That new game you wanted. You pinch yourself to hold your pee in and wiggle more. I look at you and ask if you want to play it or should I take you potty first. Of course you want to play. You sit down but even with one hand pinching you pee some in your pants. You think it’s fine I just want to start the game then I will go potty.
The game starts up and the TV is louder than you thought and it scared you to the point that you peed a lot in your pants but not to the point of being empty. You slow the flow but can’t stop it all the way as you run to find me. You come up yo me and tell me you are having a accident and need the toilet now. I take you like a small child and walk you to it. Oh NO! you think as you finish emptying your balder two steps from the toilet.

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