Came home from a busy day and I felt an urge to do number 2. It came on slightly becoming stronger and eventually right where I needed to be near a toilet or my pants would be hanging down. Well I went into my bathroom and sat on the toilet except I left my undies on. I pushed hard and out came a long one. Longies are so much fun . They curl up inside my pants and staining them when I stand up making my pants hang down. Then I went about cooking dinner in poopy pants. Then right after I ate I felt another urge. So I stood up like when I was younger and pushed on it. Another long, soft firm turd snapped off and went *PLOP* down into the seat part of my pants. Great I just had another BM. What a load and I am walking around the apartment. I go out onto the balcony and stare at the happenings of the downtown . I get the bright idea to wet myself where maybe someone will see me doing it. I go back in and retrieve my grey sweats. Back onto my balcony and I stand real still and begin to urinate in my pants. Warm piss is dribbling down my right leg and the front side of the sweats are staining wet. YES! I am wetting my pants on purpose. I already shit my pants on purpose. Pee and poop all in one pair of pants. What a baby I am. On the balcony is wooden benches and I sit right down on one mashing my shit into my pants. I really have a mess in my pants EEEW, I need my pants changed big time. I don’t want to change. I want to go to sleep in it. I put plastic pants on to protect the furniture and bedding and go to sleep. I had to change eventually because I was getting rashy. It was fun though.

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