Luck of the brown

Well, So i’ve been working on a large construction job mainly i’m almost done it and i have more jobs on the way

 For my first two weeks on the job I was fortunate to be able to drop my shit logs in my trusty old bucket. I’d just hover my fat hairy ass over and drop away and pull my dirty old underware back up, and just get back to work. 

 a few of the nice days we had I took a little hike out back and found a nice relaxing place to drop my pants and squat a load or two. 

But eventually came the time I finally rented a portapotty, It is construction after all, I think i got a good deal on the rental, 

anyways, It arrived all nice and new looking, just your standard.
My right hand man was the first to drop a load. Me and this guy go way back, so, He’s been just as shit pissed drunk as i have.  
So two or three weeks went by, It was around the half way mark>
So me and Guy were out side haveing a smoke and a quick piss and the weather had just been windy all day. and at the end of my piss i break some seirous wind,  and were about 300 metters from the shit hut,   So we start to walk over to the hut, and the drinking form the night before just wasent gonna sit in, 

Guy jokelying laughed and said, carfully now don’t want your wind to knock down the hut. 

Just as we were about half way there a fucking wind gust just fucking blew it over on to the door. 

we watched as the shit seaped out, and laughed, and this god dam alcoholic shit him self from laughing.

I’m glad i wasent in it when it tiped over 

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