Lovely Dishwasher

Well there’s a guy I work with (Jad) who’s new to the restaurant. He’s only a few years younger than me but has a very mature personality. And EXTREMELY handsome. Anyway, today was his first day and he was nervous and inexperienced so I put him on dishwashing duty. There’s a sprayer that has really high pressure and we usually joke around how it looks like you’ve peed yourself after washing for a while. Well Jad had been doing very well. Everything was spick and span. At some point, after about 5 hours I needed to do some things in the kitchen and we talked for a while. He seemed to be upset about something. I asked him if he was okay and if everyone had been welcoming to him. He said everything was great. After a while we stopped talking and I kept glancing at him. I couldn’t tell if he was shuffling just to keep moving or if it were something else. Then it happened! He grabbed himself! I could have done a back flip I was so excited.. I got him talking again- he’s really smart and wants to travel- anyway. Finally he asked if he could take a short break I told him he had another hour before he was scheduled to have one. He nearly begged whispering that he had an emergency. I told him if he could finished the last few dishes he could. He knocked them out quickly then the bus boy brought in a huge load. Though I would have let him go he started on them. Poor kid was leaning over the sink with his legs twisted. I kept my eye on him and happened to notice something. There was a small stream of liquid flowing to the drain in the middle of floor. I followed it to it’s source and it was steadily trickling from his pants leg. OMG! Jad straightened up and the stream got thicker. I’d completely stopped to watch (his back was to me). It didn’t go on for too long but Jad didn’t say anything after that and skipped his break. At the end of the night he finally stepped away from the sink and had a huge wet patch past his knees. The other employees joked with him about it looking like he wet himself. He blushed and slightly cut his eyes at me. I smiled and he quickly got his things and left. I feel bad for the guy but man that little show made my day great!

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  1. Great story! Hope you can get to share things with him as time goes on and you get to know each other..
    (PS. That could never happen in my country. You’d have been jailed for denying an employee the right to relieve him/herself.)

  2. Well I didn’t actually deny him. He just waited too late, lol. I’d definitely never mix business with pleasure…on purpose 😉

  3. Thanks for sharing this incident. Very hot and well described.

    I’ve worked in busy catering establishments too and have seen a few desperate guys on duty although I’ve never personally witnessed an accident like this one (I did hear about one though!). Often there simply isn’t time to attend to necessities like peeing.

  4. Sounds like a great job. You can pee you pants whenever and just claim the "sprayer" was out of control again. Let everyone think it was the one on the sink. lol

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