Louise’s Grasp: Part 2

Warning!: contains shit eating, face farting and piss drinking

Louise came into the bedroom, making every effort to flaunt her big Ass around. She was wearing a Brand new pair of Pink Jeggings, that already bad a big, brown, smelly stain on them. As she entered, her light brown hair shimmering as she let it down, she walked over to the bed. She smiled as Matt slept. She could see his Diaper was soaked, finally he was beginning to wet at night! She stroked his hair gently. With a grin, she got on the bed and positioned herself above him. She grinned as she let out a big, rumbly fart, setting her Bum down on Matt’s face as she did so, to ensure it all went up his nose. Matt awoke to the smell of a nice, eggy, warm fart, from the Lavish, round rear of his “Mummy” Louise. He breathed deep and savoured the smell, which consisted of Warm rotten eggs, cabbage and poo. “Mmm, did baby boy enjoy that wake up call?” Louise said as she started to wiggle her bum side to side with matts nose, burried in her crack. “Mmhmm!” Matt moaned childishly into her ass cheeks “I see you’ve been a good boy and let your wee wee out in your sleep! Let me reward you” she said, releasing another blast onto his face. Matt was really beggining to enjoy this whole situation, a Hot, loving girl who treated him Like a son, no taxes or rent to pay, he was in heaven. The part that stunned him the most, was that his mummies stinky bum was the thing he HATED to begin with, but now it was all he wanted!. Louise dismounted him “How does breakfast in bed sound?” Matt was in such anticipation that his cock nearly burst out of his soaking diaper. “I’ll just poo it out for you” and with that, Louise removed her undergarments, placed a plate under her bum, and pushed out a thin, curly log of soft, warm shit. She then filled a cup with a large torrent of piss. Matt’s mouth was watering. Louise wiped the poop off her butt with her hand. She walked over to matt, removed his Nappy, and coated his cock with her crap “I’ll suck your dick later” she said with a wink. Louise picked up the plate and mug, put them on a small tray and took them to Matt “there you go, nice and steamy fresh” she said with a smile. Louise wasted no time in mounting matts cock, and putting it into her shit covered asshole “I’ll keep your Willie warm while you eat!” She giggled. Matt looked at the “food” before him. On the plate, where two stinky logs of Louise shit. Matt picked up the smaller one and began eating it. At first, he gagged slightly, but then started chewing more of it. It was creamy in texture, and had a taste so unique, it could only be described as the SMELLIEST poop imaginable. Yet he was loving it. He ate the second log in two large bites, and washed it down with her Still warm piss. “Good boy!” Lousie beamed “keep eating like that and you’ll grow up big and strong” she then dismounted his cock and gave him An earth shattering Blowjob. If he’d had any before, matt no longer whispered an intention of leaving, Louise’s grasp

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