Lost it.

Been meaning to post this for ages, it happened at uni about 2 years ago when I was 19 and it’s the only time I’ve crapped myself simply because I couldn’t hold it in. I shat myself once before due to illness but I don’t consider that to count as it was thoroughly unenjoyable! Anyway, it happened over the Christmas break, most of my friends and housemates had gone home but I stuck around due to a part time job in a warehouse. The hours were always good that time of year and I needed the money. A few days before I’d planned to return home I was invited to a house party/night out type thing. It was mainly an attempt to round up everyone who was left and have a good laugh before the festivities. I’d noticed whilst getting ready on the evening of the party that I hadn’t shat since the morning before last, which was unusual as I’m always pretty regular. I didn’t think much of it, I mean if I did need to shit I would only have to wait until tomorrow morning when I got back and as someone who’s pretty good at holding it in, this didn’t phase me one bit. It’s probably important to mention at this point that I simply can not and will not use a public rest room for anything other than a piss, I find the idea of sitting in a stall with random strangers going about their business around me rather embarrassing and dirty (I don’t know why, that’s just the way it is). Considering I’d be back home the next morning, I very much doubted I’d need to take a dump whilst at my friends house / out in town so this wasn’t a problem. I had a few minutes before I needed to set off so I tried to force one out but nothing came of it. Oh well whatever, slightly tipsy after a few bottles I set off on the 20 minute walk to their house with my booze filled rucksack in hand. The night was hilarious, it was one of those spontaneous random evenings with people you’ve never met before but ones that you to seem to get on with as if you’ve known them forever. Plenty of booze was consumed and by the end it was all a bit of a blurr, although through the amnesia I distinctly remember devouring copious amounts of food from the local takeaway once back at the house. This must have been around 1am, which was quite early for a Saturday but we didn’t care. I must have dozed off soon after as the next thing I remember was waking up on the sofa around 10am with the low winter sun burning through my closed eyelids. No one else had arisen yet, and as the plan was to cook a massive fry up for breakfast (a meal I honestly couldn’t bare thinking about with the hangover I had) I thought I’d make a break for it. I grabbed my stuff and tiptoed around the mass of sleeping people on the floor before making my way out the door. The room stank as well of fast foot, booze and sweat so it was nice to get a breath of fresh air. Once outside I realised how nice the weather was and thought it would be a good idea to head up to uni to pick up some books to take home over Christmas. It was a 20 minute walk up a steep hill in the opposite direction of my house but I took my time as I didn’t have any other plans. The fact that I’d nearly smoked a 20 pack of fags the night before also didn’t help but yea, it was steep. By now I’d completely forgotten about the whole shit situation, it completely didn’t cross my mind that I was carrying 3 days of shit in my bowls. That was until of course I’d done my thing at uni and remembered how limited the bus service was on a Sunday. When I got to the bus depot at campus and realised I’d have to wait 45 minutes I considered walking back home but I really couldn’t be bothered so I went to the canteen and sat with a strong coffee and had a quick look through some of the books I’d loaned out. This is where everything went wrong. Within minutes of taking a few sips of coffee, the first cramps started to pulse through my bowls. As an experienced shit holder, I new I could survive this degree of desperation so I tried to ignore it and carry on reading. The 45 minute wait passed in no time so I packed up my bag and headed down to the depot with what I thought was a minute to spare, There was a queue of about 20 people, but where was the bus? Shit. It was obviously running late, but how late? The cramps started pulsing again, knowing I’d probably have to release a bit of gas I stepped away from the line to continue my battle with the approaching shit. I squeezed my anus shut as best I could but a little bit of poo must have escaped because my arse crack felt warm and sticky. Bollocks! I thought to myself. How do I sit down on a bumpy bus with the contents of my bum cheeks not ruining my underwear? I didn’t have much time to think as the bus finally arrived 7 minutes late. I paid my fare and went to the top deck and sat at the back where no one could see me struggle. Fortunately no one followed, that was until the next stop. Just my luck some incredibly cute guy wearing the hottest pair of trackies I’ve ever seen got on and sat in the row in front but on the opposite side of the bus, giving me a full view of everything. Meanwhile I sat there with my moist arse probably staining my pants as I kept trying to covertly subdue the cramps in my bowls. For some reason the bus took ages to get going, must have been an elderly person boarding, but in that short time when the bus was parked, another major cramp hit me and I had to pull down on my seat with my hands to help keep the shit in. Another little bit of poo must have escaped, I could smell it. Before I could compose myself the cute guy in front looked round obviously aware of the smell of my leaking shit but as I was already staring at him in a blatantly pervy manor he diverted his gaze almost instantly. It must have been a bid to comfort myself but I just could not take my eyes off the exposed white waistband of his pants poking up from the dark blue waistband of the trackies and my dick thusly began to twinge. As the bus took off, I felt that in actual fact the vibrations from the engine helped relax the cramps quite considerably. Which would have been great except for the sudden and unexpected need to piss. I was pretty dehydrated but I hadn’t taken a leak since the night before. The coffee was probably kicking in and so to was all that water being absorbed from the shit contained above my weakening anus. Fuck sake what next, I didn’t even know how long it would take for this bus to get to my house, it was going all round the houses and in the wrong direction. By some fairly easy persuasion however, my staring at the cute guy’s waist band gave me a pretty hefty hard on which helped with the piss issue. Not much could be said for the shit though, which in wave after wave moved it’s way closer to my anus in preparation for a imminent release. There must have been another three of four times where I really had to clamp myself to the seat, each time something must have escaped as the smell was awful and each of these times I could tell the cute guy wanted to have a look at me squirm. I highly doubt It was out of sexual interest, more out of pure voyeurism to be honest but I’m hopeless at reading people so I’ll never know. After about 30 minutes I was due to get off the bus. I was hoping the cute guy would get off first so I could freely waddle down the aisle but no, that wasn’t an option. Still at full mast and with an obvious degree of discomfort due to the fact I was wearing black briefs with white hemming and some steely-blue shaped jeans that had a pretty slim fit, I had to discretely make my way towards the steps. And even though I couldn’t see, I felt the cute guy’s gaze following me. As I turned to descend the stairs, I could see him look away again pretending not to have noticed my slight waddle. Once by the door I pushed the button and the bus pulled up at my stop. When I got off my desperation escalated rapidly. It felt like someone was jabbing my arse with a knife, it was so bad I began panicking about being able to make the final 5 minutes home. Also one of my housemates was still around, they said they were working which is why they weren’t at the party so I hoped they were still out the house should the worst happen. I already knew I’d have some cleaning to do, as my dick went flaccid and I tried squeezing my anus tighter, a little bit of piss spurted out into my pants. I felt a small drip down my right leg but fortunately nothing showed through the jeans. The seat of my briefs also felt a bit damp at this point, probably a combination of escaped runny shit and sweat. The final 2 minutes of the walk was excruciating. With every step I came closer to loosing it. The pain both back and front just built and built, my hands were trembling with the nerves, i couldn’t breath either, the adrenaline just pumped through. Was it nerves? Or was it excitement? Either way I couldn’t believe I was this close to losing control. I’d tried to convince myself it wouldn’t happen, i mean I was 19 years old, what kind of 19 year old pisses and shits themselves like this? I waddled around the corner onto the street with our house on. thank fuck, no car parked outside! Just as I thought that a major cramp pulsed through my whole body. I had to stop in my tracks and stand with my legs held tightly together. Oh god It was coming, I was gonna shit my pants here on the pavement. Fucking hell it hurt so I bent over slight to alleviate the pain and just stood there trembling like that for what felt like an hour. Another leakage of shit oozed out of my bum and as I tried squeezing my anus tighter, three spurts of piss shot out my dick and into my pants. I clutched myself front and back from the shock and felt the warm wet denim over my semi erect package. Fortunately the street was deserted, at least I don’t think anyone saw me standing there, knees bent, holding my cock and bum through my jeans, struggling to control myself. The pains momentarily subsided, I was only a few doors away from our house, I was going to make it. I carried on waddling, albeit at a slightly slower pace due to the even shittier state of my arse crack. Oh god I was so relieved that cramp had passed, gauging by the pain I knew I wudnt be able to survive the next one. I opened the front gate and ascended the steps on the garden path up to the front porch. With each step I felt my briefs get stickier what with the runny shit held between my arse cheeks spilling out and onto the fabric of my pants. Fuck that, I didn’t care about that now, all I wanted was to empty myself in the comfort of my own bathroom. That’s when a moment of complete horror hit me. As I rummaged through my pockets for the keys, I found nothing other than a lighter, a pack of fags, my phone and some spare change. Shit shit shit I panicked to myself, where the fuck had I left them??? Then I remembered, I saw them In the bottom of my bag when I was shoving my books in back at the canteen. Oh god I didn’t have time for this, the next and probably final wave of cramps was beginning to build. I squeezed my crotch again and let out an involuntary whimper as my bowels readied themselves for emptying. I only had one option if I was going to get inside. I knew there was no way I could bend over and contain myself so I opted to try and lower myself down so I could sit on the porch step. This went surprisingly well until I finished the sitting procedure and my damp arse was subject to the cold stone step on which I’d placed it. Oh no I knew there was no return from this. I didn’t even have a chance to rummage for the keys when the final wave struck. Fuck fuck fuck I whispered to myself. The pain was the most excruciating pain i think I’ve ever felt in my life. It surged up from my buckling anus and passed through my whole lower body. With one hand I squeezed my dribbling cock through my jeans whilst with the other I tried to lift my arse to a more comfortable position. But my efforts were no use. I was actually going to do it. I was going to take a dump and a piss in my pants and jeans and there was nothing I could do about it. With that thought my body finally gave in. My trembling legs, once held tightly clamped together, spread apart exposing my damp groin as a surging hissing torrent of hot steaming piss flooded forth into briefs and through the denim of my tight jeans. Simultaneously, my anus completely gave up and the 3 day mass of shit began heaving its way out. I had to lift my piss soaked bum off the step in order to let the huge solid turd out of into my briefs. It crackled and moved and spread it’s way forward, filling every available space in the seat of my jeans. As the piss flooded back to soak my bum, so did the massive log push forwards to coat my balls and cock. My briefs could barely contain the semi-hard melon sized lump as it steadily grew in size and filled, no, overflowed my pants. My bowls finished emptying before my bladder, but I just stayed there, balancing on my hands with my arse lifted off the step. Torrent after torrent of yellow wee poured down out of my piss filled pants, forming a steaming puddle underneath me and a small stream weaving its way towards my trainers. Oh god I’ve never felt such relief since this moment. I lowered myself down onto the mound of shit in my briefs. It spread in every direction with some spilling over the back of my waistband. As my anus was still gaping, some even went back inside me, taking what felt like some of the piss with it. I sat there in my mess for what felt like ages. The piss cooled quickly but the shit seemed to stay warm. I closed my legs and felt my hard, shit covered cock rub against the inside of my piss soaked pants. I was so horny and ready to cum I don’t quite know how I managed to contain that either to be honest. I lit a cigarette and smoked it to the butt, making the most of my genuine accident. I thought about my situation, I imagined that cute guy watching me completely lose control, I imagined him completely losing control and totally wetting and crapping his delicious pants. I got harder and harder to such an extent it was painful to touch. Not that it needed much work. Only after a few strokes I pumped string after string of cum into my pants, the final imagine in my head pictured the cute guy doing the same and loving it as much as me.

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  3. thanks for the feedback guys! might try and write some fiction soon so watch this space x

  4. I didn’t know you could actually overflow your jeans. I’ve had them push out a lot, but usually everything stays downward.

  5. Yea I thought that too! Must have been due to the position I was sat in, but yea, it came out the back and well as going all round my balls. Have yet to have that happen since though even after experimenting so could have just been the sheer volume of it that made that happen…

  6. WOW!!!!!! Have been there & done that too. One evening I was drunk as hell & of course I pissed & shit all over myself. Then I rubbed my cock & jizzed all over myself.

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