Loosing Control

So.. I normally wear a diaper or a pull-up 24/7.. I usually sleep right through peeing during the night, and during the day when I have to go I have to go right then and there. So. It’s easier than wetting the bed or my clothes. Yesterday while at work I had on just a pull-up. I had already went to the tiolet and peed a couple times and hadn’t drank much and didn’t feel an urge to poop to so I figured a pull-up would be fine.I felt the urge to pee so I headed right for the bathroom. Got there and all of a sudden didn’t have to go. So. I pulled my pull-up up and got my pants back on and went back to work. As soon as I stepped out the door I flooded myself. I could not even control it. As I was squirming to try and stop myself from leaking my bowels exploded and a hot warm sloppy poop came out. My pull-up was beyond full. So I headed back to the bathroom and changed. I was good for the rest of the evening. This morning though I woke up to a very wet diaper and a small poop. So I showered and got my diaper on and got dressed. I came downstairs and got my coffee and decided to check out this site and watch some videos. While I was in the process I pooped my diaper. Didn’t even feel the urge. Didn’t know it either till I felt it in my diaper. So I let it go and figured I’d change before I headed to work in an hour or so.. Well in the mean time my diaper started to get warm and wet. I was peeing myself too. I felt like I had to pee, but the feeling was barely there and next thing I know I am flooding it. My control is diminishing slowly and will soon be dependant on diapers, but I guess it’s nothing new… Just wish I could find a guy that would be okay with it, and would help me clean myself up…

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  1. i would love to help but im just another Bi girl cos drongo is always away at work
    hugs mel xx

  2. Awww poor thing šŸ™

    I usually have to talk my roommate into messing her diapers for me. She rarely does it for herself even though she likes it more than a bit.

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