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I’m currently I’m the midst of looking for a submissive guy who shares a mutual interest in holding in their poop, while simultaneously binge-eating, for an extended period of time. I’ve had a long occuring interest about applying a “no toilet ban” on a willing guy, completely banning all toilets, public and private, from being used for an extended period. To be, there’s nothing hotter than seeing a guy genuinely desperate with a multi-day old load clogging up their bowels; forcefully trying to break through their spent anus. To deliberately put a guy in such scenery is a dream-come-true.

While the toilet is off-limits, I’ll simultaneously enforce a large eating regime of high-fiber/fattening foods; refusing to give their stomachs breaks as they’re told to fill up. For multiple days, I’ll have em’ continue the same routine of skipping the toilet, heading straight to a large breakfast, continuing their days works while keeping their pants clean, eating a enormous lunch and dinner, heading to bed with a full belly and bowels, for multiple days. (while adding a few extra steps to make it more exciting). All this, while they’re constantly made aware that no toilet is to be used, no matter the reason.

A HUGE portion of this is that they are determined when it comes to holding it; allowing the load to fill them up, expanding their guts and waistbands noticeably. Refusing to let the load touch cloth, using everything they have to keep their ever-growing load inside their anus. Completely determined to make it longer than they thought was possible; constantly using everything they have to keep their gigantic load inside and contained. It’s probably the most crucial part of this whole thing. Someone who enjoys the feeling of wrestling a large turd throughout the day, constantly aware of the fact that they could lose the battle anywhere at anytime. Always under the risk of doubling over like a feeble child and having a beer-can-width sized turd expanding their tired anal ring; expanding their tight undies. But, the fun of it is being determined enough to keep the load in so they don’t suffer that fate, so they continue in struggling to keep it in. So, this certain someone should not only have a “strong set of cheeks,” but gets of on the fact of forcefully being made to hold in a load; relishing in the fact that their not allowed to release until given permission, so they enjoy the pleasure of having a shit-filled gut gurgling all day.

As the fate of the load, that could be decided by a number of things. One being that I tell them, while they’re far into holding, to take a series of laxatives, then continue to attempt to hold it in a public space; only granted the freedom of returning home if they meet a set time-limit of holding while remaining. This, or any other laxative-based scenarios can happen far into the hold, or as a whole seperate scenario for fun.

Another option is that they have complete and utter loss of sphincter control. No, not the kind of “loss of control” you here about on forums about how they couldn’t “hold it” (I’m not one who excepts that ‘just couldn’t hold it’ excuse that often). Nor I’m i talking about the control you see on cheesy, staged-desperation videos. I’m talking about the unassisted release and inability to control that can only be achieved by utterly tiring your anus through a constant cycle of holding. I’m talking about the loss of control that won’t allow your anus to so much as move for the life of you; as your body is whole-heartily committed to expelling the source of trouble, not able to be stopped or prevented. The type of loss that striker out of nowhere, not planned or expected. The type that’ll you leave you doubled over without control as your body forcefully pushes the out the mother-of-all loads; quite possibly the largest they can remember. The type of loss that isn’t a matter of preventing; but a matter completely out of their hands, one foreign to them.

Whether how it ends, the journey up to it will be a huge thrill. The eating, holding, and excitement through it all. Trying to keep a calm composure in front of everyone, who are unaware of the giant brick they’re “turtle-heading” constantly. The problem of being perpetually erect as the load of feces is constantly probing their swollen prostate as they keep it from escaping by sitting; sitting on it like a make-shift toy.

Although I have no specific requirements, as I’m more than happy to talk to anyone with an interest to even attempt this! But I might that I’m Lookimg for only committed and determined guys; ones who are genuinely here to follow through with what is said, rather than using it as some attempt to soil yourself for someone. I would also like that this specific person has had a bit of experience with holding and is perfectly comfortable with the possibility of holding around other people; always aware of the worst-case scenario around them ( not that they should want it). I apologize to anyone who has a problem holding or just wants to release immediately. If possible, I would really appreciate a guy with a nice gut; the chubbier type. It should also be said that this person has no issues with sending k we photos for proof of a task. Apart from all this, It would be a huge help for me if the person spoke in more than text-talk, and is very understanding of everything.

I know this is a small demographic of people, but this post is my best chance of finding them. Apart from all the odd standards I listed, just make sure you’re committed and understanding of everything expected. That alone is enough to please me. If your of the submissive type, that should be easy.

If you understand, share the interest, and are willing to have yourself go through with this, Kik me at dirtybriefs

Kik is my primary use for this, and what I’m expecting for this to be on. For anyone that made it this far, thank you. And if your willing and ready for all that I have listed. I hope to hear from you soon.

Again, my Kik is dirtybreifs.

P.S, Kik is a free text based app; accessible to anyone with a smart device.

[Thanks for reading, and sorry for any grammical errors. Wrote this on the bus]

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  1. I’m always looking for a guy to camping with me and have a ‘no toilet’ agreement. In my fantasy, we don’t hold out; just piss/poop our pants or diapers as needed. Of course, neither of us is allowed to change himself; must be changed.

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