The new profile picture shows a huge load I did recently in my pants. It was fun pushing that out. I was in a public library bathroom when I did it. So afterwards I put on my top pants which were loose fitted sweats and began walking the 4 story building checking out all the books. Of course I was staring at pretty girls too. My fetish with shit is…. fill the pants up with a huge load like this, seek out a pretty girl and pretend she will change my pants. So it was cool walking the library in a load. The turd was bumping against my butt cheeks as I walked especially down and up stairs. I look at their face and then stare at their hands. It’s the soft hands that are going to change me. Load changer girls…yay! Its also cool when I walked next to a few changer type girls and they smelled my shit and stared funny at me and walked away fast. On the way out the two girls at the checkout counter I am sure saw me and the mess bulge I did and stared at me. I SUCCESSFULLY SHIT MY PANTS at the library in front of mommy girls and can’t wait to do it again.

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  1. Nice.You really can get away with so much if you wear the right clothes and plan ahead and are brave enough to just carry on as if you had done nothing unusual.I love to check out girls as I go shopping,looking at boobs bouncing and thinking how the asses would look if they pooped their panties.

  2. Love that load! Would love to put my face up next to it and smell it and feel the weight of it.

  3. That load was huge and I was very proud of it. I did get stares and glances from some girls and probably a few guys and I was sure they were laughing at me since I was a grown up with a load in his pants.

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