Long walk and unexpected poop.

This incident, like many I’ve written about, took place many years ago. This was a weekend in the late fall if I recall as it was cool, but not awfully cold. I put on a pair of jeans over a pair of the usual late 1980s Hanes Tighty Whities, which I had found on a bike ride, and had on a typical flannel shirt and sweat shirt.

Unlike my other adventures, I didn’t really have to shit. There was no feeling of urgency, pain, or even a fart as I left the house for the railroad. My intention was to hang down by the cemetery crossing because it gave me a great view of the signals in both directions. Their was an absolute signal to my right and an approach signal to my left. If any of these lit up, since they stay dark until a train activates the circuit, I knew there was some action.

I moved along to find a place to sit. There were piles of stones and concrete blocks there because an excavation company also shared the road just before the crossing. I had pooped here before because of the nice places to sit, and one of my favorite perches was a rock shaped like a seat. I found my spot and sat on the rocks and watched the signals. While sitting there I had to pee so I got up to relieve myself on the other side in the woods, and farted. Still no trains, so I sat for a bit more on my rock seat. While sitting, I farted again! It was a long smooth one and smelled. Hmm… I was quite pleased as I sat there and waited for some action in more ways than one.

I farted again. This time I leaned forward off the rock a bit and pushed. A small ass turtle came out and I promptly pulled it back in. I got stiff and adjusted my cock upwards in my underwear and continued to push again. This time it came out and I squished it down into place with my hand and pulled my underwear down a bit. I then pushed again, this time a bigger bit came out and I squished that down into place.

Still no trains were coming so I got up and started walking south (east by timetable) towards the woodland preserve where I’ve messed before. In other times, I had just quickly moved along to get to the park, instead this time I was walking along slowly and pooping on my way there. I stopped near the bridge to look at the river, and pushed a bit more. This time I farted again and it was really stinky. I then got down on my haunches and flattened whatever came out into my pants. I then stood up and continued my walk to the park.

As I walked along, I pushed more shit into my pants. It didn’t feel like a lot, but it was frequent. I eventually came to the rail bridge over the road near the park, and had to make my way carefully down the embankment. As I climbed down, the poop squished even more into my pants and up against my ass. That warm sticky sensation was so awesome and hot. I then waited for the traffic to pass and crossed the street.

The road below the railroad crosses the same river I looked at from the railroad previously. I went over to the bridge, stood on the sidewalk and acted as though I was watching the river. I bent my knees a bit and leaned forward against the railing to push a bit more into my pants. This time it was quite a bit larger, and my flaccid cock stood up like a soldier on watch! The smell of the poop plus the warmth on my butt got me even more excited!

I stood there for a bit and let things calm down again before I walked some more into the conservation area. I continued walking, pooping and squishing until I was empty. I then continued to walk much farther than I normally did as I continued to squish what ever was in there into my underwear and ass. I made the poop so thin that it was almost like a thin piece of clay pressed into the underwear.

Finally I got to my destination. This was another part of the big reservation near the river, which I had explored only once. I even found a few pairs of underwear here at one time along with a pair of sweatpants, which I had taken home and wore for many years afterwards.

With no one to be seen, I pulled my pants down to inspect the damage. The poop had taken the shape of my underside and was mashed completely into the underwear. I was quite hard again, wanked and spewed the biggest gob in quite some time. I then peeled the underwear off and tossed them on the ground with the load still in them, pulled up my jeans and went home commando with a stinky, dirty butt.

This was definitely one of those experiences that has lingered forever, and periodically I think back on it as I fill my pants, which makes my present experiences even better.

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  1. I sure hope they are. 🙂

    I walked that old trail some time afterwards and the underwear wasn’t there. The spot where I saw the underwear left on the ground had some fresher ones, but they were torn up. I never went back after that because I moved away, but I think about that day often.

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