long day at work

so i have bee planning this for a few days.  i knew i had to work a longer shift today and made sure i had not taken a crap in 2 days.   so last night i prepared yself before i went into work took a good dose of metamucil , wore 2 pairs of briefs  and ate a fiber rich meal. and off to work i went.   As the night went on the pressure kept building and my farts were awesome.  I was alone for most of my shift so did not need to worry about how they smelt to someone else.   so my shift was nearly half over and the pressure was really building and thats when my manager came in (who i would love to lick his nasty ass but he is straight)  so as we are working together i let out a few really nice farts  and am not sure if he notices or not but i don’t care  i just need to get through the next couple hours and i can do what i plan.  About an hour before my shift ends i go out for a smoke   and as i am standing there the pressure is so hard i try to fart but i feel a turdlet pop out into my briefs  which feels hot and moist against my hole  and i think only alittle while to go so i go back to work with a smug grin on my face for the remaining time.   about 10 min before i am scheduled to leave my manager says he wants to talk to me for abit and we head to his office.  No big deal he usualy goes over shit with me just before i leave but then a really strong urge hits me and he must have seen it on my face because as we were sitting there he asks if i am ok  and i reply yes.  but i have to relieve some pressure and more pellets some out and it actually makes me get a semi hard on.  So now i am sitting in my bosses office with a partil load in my pants.  Hope he hurries up before the smell comes  but then he shifts in his seat and i swear i here a noticable fart escape him which fills the room with a sweet odor  so he finishes up our meeting and i am excused to leave for the day and i go get in my car and as i am sitting there he comes out for a smoke break and walks over to my car and taps on the window i roll it down but the pressure is so much i shit some more just as he comes over   and soon i can smeel it and i know he can too    he stands there with his head partially in my car smoking and urgently shifting his smoking his cig.  I am so nervous because i just shit myself and still have a huge load to let go for the ride home.  he finishes his smoke and says good bye and as he is walking away i notice a big bulge in the back of his pants    well that was enough for me   i let loose a huge load right there   and drove home with a massive hard on and full shorts      when i got home i jerked off a huge load thinking of my boss   when i was done cleaning  up i got a text from him the he enjoyed our chat together and hopes we can do it more often   ??????? 

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  1. (GASP) that some thing happend to me but insted i was in a diaper and me amd my boss had sex insted of talking and as it happernd i shit in my diaper

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