Louise’s grasp

Disclaimer: This story is based of something that actually happened to a friend of mine with his girlfriend. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter one: The Calm

Matt was sitting at the bar, gazing down sullenly at his drink. He didn’t really want it, but it was either that or go home to another depressing evening of sitting infront of the TV doing nothing. Suddenly, he noticed someone sit down next to him, a girl, about 22. She was average height, with long blonde hair and very big blue eyes. She also had large “assets” to her name which, even out of the corner of his eye Matt saw as notable. She ordered a drink and turned to face Matt “Hey there” “Hi” Matt said in a shy tone. “You all alone as well?” She asked quietly “I was. But now you’re here” Matt said. Almost immediately regretting it. She giggled and looked him in the eye with a gaze that could freeze a bullet mid flight “do you wanna, get out of here?” She said in a tone Matt had never heard, it was sensual, by also commanding. As forward as she was, Matt felt almost compelled to follow her as she left the bar. He walked out after her, not even wanting to say a word. She turned and looked at him again before disappearing into and alleyway. He followed after her, anything to keep away from his lonely home fate. “Who are you?” He called after her. As She started walking back to him he walked down the alley to meet her half way. She looked him in the eyes again “I’m Louise” without waiting for a reply she kissed him passionately. Her big, juicy lips sucking back on his. When she finally let him go, Matt looked at her with a smile…that, as suddenly as it came, disappeared. Matt began to feel dizzy, and as his legs gave away he began to black out, and the only thing he heard was a soft “And you, baby, are mine”….

Chapter Two: Welcome home

Matt woke up, disoriented and confused. Where was he? What happened? He felt like he couldn’t speak…or even…move?? He suddenly realised that he was tide down to a bed. Suddenly, in came Louise. “Aww wakey wakey!” She said. “Did you sleep well?” Matt managed to manufacture a confused moan “oh that’s right. You can’t talk!” She said with a giggle and a grin “mm something smells good, did you have a poo poo?” She said “{the fucks going on? What’s she on about?}” Matt thought until he realised that not only was he tied to a bed, but he was wearing a very full diaper “what a good boy! Already going pooey for mummy! I made Stinkys too. Wanna Smell?” Still not realising what was happening Matt could only think of what was approaching. Louise was wearing pink Jodhpurs…with a big brown stain down the back, he could already Smell it a foot away, Louise held her big bum there for a second, she let out a giggle before putting her bum down on Matt’s face. “Good boy, shhhhh just breathe in mummys bum Smell” she was wearing a pair of obviously messy panties under her Jodhpurs. Matt moaned and wriggled, trying to get free. The smell was sweet, but Stinky. “No!” She snapped. Her bum heavy on his face, she let rip a big warm wet fart. “Ahhh. That’ll teach you” it was a very eggy and down right bad fart. After rubbing his face a bit, Louise dismounted Matt and began rubbing the front of his nappy. It was still damp and warm. Louise patted his crotch and injected his leg before she left the room. Before so coming to the sedative she gave him he heard her say “home sweet home” as she walked out the bedroom door.

Chapter three: no alternative

A day passed and Louise had changed Matt in his sleep. He awoke more refreshed than before but still unable to so much as craft a hello with his mouth.
“Now baby here’s what’s gonna happen. you’re going to stay her and be my play thing for a while or IM going to put these pictures up of you sleeping in your messies alllll over town and on Facebook Clear?” Although she didn’t know who Matt’s friends and family where. Posting photos of him
Over town and in Facebook would certainly do the trick. Reluctantly he nodded in submission. “Good” she giggled “now. I’m going make you have a poooo in your nappy!” She said excitedly. Matt put the last of what energy he had into trying to escape but he couldn’t. Louise lay down next to him and started rubbing his thigh, slowly smoothing his skin with her fingers. Suddenly, Matt felt his bowel and bladder relax as he messed and flooded his diaper. the warm we sensations making Matt kind of horny. Louise looked at him and whispered “Good boy, nice and Smelly” she undid his bindings instead cuffing his hands and feet. she then got a duvet and lay down next to him. Matt began to tear up as the situation hit him. she then turned him towards her and looked at him cheekily. She place her bum on his knee and let go. A torrent of wee and poo shot from her pussy and butt. Soaking Matt, the bed and stinking it up even more “mmm. I’ll make you wear these nice Stinky panties tomorrow” she said. Matt didn’t know what to do. Trapped with a mad woman with no hope of escape…trapped…in Louise’s grasp

Chapter Four: Control
Matt awoke, its was around 10:30 AM. The first thing he noticed was the smell. it was even more pungent than before. He turned over, Louise was still sleeping. Because she was facing the wall he got a birds eye view of her Big Bum. If he hadnt known they where pink the day before, Matt would’ve thought Louise Was wearing Brown Jodhpurs. Matt, ceasing his chance to escape, LEPT out of bed towards her dresser and, sure enough, as he expected the key to his bonds was lying there. he undid them and started looking for the room key {{“Cmon, its gotta be here”}} Matt thought, as he finally placed a hand on the key, Louise got out of bed. He Ran for the Door “Stop” She said emptily. “Come here” Matt felt unable to resist her command. “Give” he dropped the key into her hand. She then lay body across the bed and pointed her bum in the air, Pooing as she did so and letting out a relaxing, horny moan. “Smell” She commanded. Matt wanted to run, to jump, to sprint his way out of that room but all his body did was plunge his face into the big Awaiting Bum of Louise. He felt the poo seep through her panties and Jodhpurs as the smell consumed him. Eventually after what seemed like an eternity of Louise pushing hot, runny poo into Matts face, she pushed him back, turned over, and took off her undergarments. He saw her Jodhpurs and panties stick to her as she pulled them off. They where both brown both sides and smelled worse than anything he’d ever experienced. “You want to make mummy happy, don’t you?” For the first time in the last three days. Matt wasn’t sure. Weather it was just him getting used to the smell, or was he starting to like all this nonsense? He’d gone from sitting alone in a bar to having this hot girl lying half naked infront of him. “Yes” Matt said for the first time in days. Without hesitation, he went down on top of her. although half of her pussy was covered in poop, Matt began to lick her, burying his tongue deep inside, brining her to the eventual earthshattering orgasm. “let’s get you out of that messy nappy. Then we’ll take a shower and get nice and clean”. For the first time in years, Matt felt genuinely wanted. Maybe this was it
Maybe he belonged in Louise’s grasp

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  1. Wow, if that actually happened, that’s pretty messed up. I mean, if the guy likes pooping, I guess it would be alright. But if he really didn’t, that’s pretty rapey

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