Locker Room

Craig Pallor shut off the water to the shower. He grabbed his towel and dried himself. Craig wrapped the towel around his waist, covering his privates from the other boys. Craig was very self conscious. He never changed out in the open, and was quite pee shy. If another guy was using the urinal he would go to a stall, and he never let someone look at his junk, even though he had nothing to be ashamed of. Craig grabbed his clothes from his locker and headed to a stall. 

Two boys loved to tease him. Danny Frate and Johnny Lowell. They always teased him for changing in the stalls, calling him gay, faggot, queer, and anything else they could think of. Craig ignored them in the locker room, but in gym class he annihilated them in any sport possible. 
Craig wasn’t gay, he had a girlfriend and was a known player. But for all of his good qualities he still had his quirks. 
Danny and Johnny followed closely behind Craig, stark naked. 
“One, two…. three!” they yelled. They ripped Craig’s towel off. Craig whipped around, his hand covering his privates. His face was bright red. The boys came up next to him, rubbing their small members on him. 
“Ooooh Craig likes,” Danny teased. Craig reached for his towel but the kicked his away. 
“We’ll give you your towel if you show us your junk,” Johnny said. 
“Stop being so immature,” Craig snapped. 
“See he doesn’t want to show us that he’s got small balls and an erect little dick,” Johnny taunted. Craig rolled his eyes. 
“Grow up,” he mumbled. Craig turned to head back to the stalls, when Danny and Johnny tackled him to the ground. They pulled his hand away, revealed a nice cut flaccid cock. His member was far larger in size. Johnny and Danny stepped away. They both had uncut cocks, and small ones at that. 
“Are you baby’s done yet,” Craig grumbled covering his cock again with his hands. 
“Not ’til we’ve had out fun.” Johnny smirked, raising an eyebrow and smiling devilishly at Danny. Danny returned to his back, and Johnny dragged Craig back to the shower room. Danny came back with pills, a diaper, a bandana and rope. Johnny made short work of tying Craig’s hands together, and then tying him to a handicap bar. Danny forced the bandana into Craig’s mouth and then tied it behind his head. Craig looked furiously down at Danny and Johnny who grinned. Johnny pawed at Craig’s dick, then diapered him. Danny removed the bandana and then shoved two pills in his mouth. He forced Craig to swallow, then put the bandana back in his mouth. 
“They’re laxatives,” Danny teased. 
Soon Craig began to fart profusely. His stomach grumbled loudly as juicy farts escaped. Craig fought against the laxatives. He squirmed and clenched his butt cheeks. With one final fart, shit began to push its way out into Craig’s diaper. More and more shit filled Craig’s diaper as he released fart after fart. Tears flowed down Craig’s cheeks. Shit was all over his diaper, it surrounded his dick and balls and covered his ass. More shit began to push its way out again. His diaper would soon overflow. His diaper sagged with all the weight, as shit began to leak out the sides of his diaper. Craig could feel the shit running down his legs. As he finally had finished, hot piss poured into his diaper, making the soft shit warm and liquidy. Piss dripped from the diaper and more shit flowed out the sides. 
The two boys laughed, snapping pictures, then leaving him alone in his shit. 

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