Loaded my pants at Wal-Mart

This was a couple of weeks ago…my wife had just left for work and I had just over an hour before I had to go to work.  I felt a good load coming on and it had been several months since I loaded my pants in public (I think it was in November, while washing my car at the car wash).

Anyhow this worked out perfectly as I needed a couple of items from the grocery store that they were out of the previous weekend.  So I put my blue boxer briefs on and headed to my local Wal-Mart Supercenter.  First like usual I stopped in the bathroom to pee (not a fan of peeing myself at all), and also checked on the poop’s consistency. Seemed fine, but its been at that stage that I’ve backed out a couple of times.  There was going to be no turning back really as the turtle head was out basically as i was at the urinal.

So i exited the bathroom, and didn’t get much past the registers that the poop was basically coming out.  I headed over to the soup aisle as that was what I needed.  By the time I got there I probably had about a golf ball sized chunk of poop resting in my briefs.  It was medium consistency.  Of course, the cans of soup I wanted were on the bottom shelf.  It was funny – i really didn’t have to strain at all – I squatted down to get the soups to put in my basket and the warm, medium-firm load began to progressively fill my blue boxer briefs.  About grapefruit sized by the time it was done pushing out.  I really can’t recall if there were any other people in the aisle.  If there were, i didn’t really notice them.  I reached back around to see if the bulge would be noticeable (My assumption was yes – it would be).  So i got the hell out of there, taking my soup direct to the self-scan checkout and then departed the store.  Sat down on my driver seat and the warm load spread all over, felt good.  Went home, cleaned up, and headed back out.  Good start to that day!

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  1. Great! I was tempted so many times do this in a store or just on the street but have never done it

    will try sometime

    thanks for story

  2. Great story, too bad I wasn’t there to see it happen to u

  3. Never done it in public but really want to work up the nerve to do it. So hot. Can’t stop thinking about it

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