Loaded my pants at Menards this morning

So I have the day off work today, and helped get the kids out the door and felt a nice poop coming on. There’s this new home improvement mega-store about 15 minutes from my house called Menards (its a chain here in the US Midwest), and last year, I went there with the intention of dropping a load in my pants within the store but chickened out and ended up going to use the restroom instead (which was a good decision as that time it wasn’t that firm).

Since then, I’ve been feeling like I have to go back to do what I’d intended to do in the first place: load my pants somewhere within this massive store.

I did a ‘reach back’ before departing the house – poop checked out pretty firm so it was “game on.” I got into the car and drove the 15 minutes down the freeway, about two towns over from where I live, and arrived at Menards around 8:00. Store not too busy at this hour, but that mattered little.

I decided to go to the restroom briefly for one more check- this time, there was no firm ‘turtle head’ indicating that the wait had softened the poop some. I thought once again about chickening out but I was pretty determined to do this and felt confident that it wouldn’t be a consistency that would be a problem.

I scoped out a good exit path (a closed checkout lane i could walk past and get out the door), and set out for the back of the store. My wife and I have been shopping some storage solutions for the kids toys so I thought, i’ll kill two birds with one stone and head to one of the areas that has some home storage.

Once I got to that aisle, I didn’t have to linger long – the urge to poop was there and while I stood in the aisle looking at some storage, without really straining I began to drop this load in the seat of my grey cotton briefs and red gym shorts. Fortunately, I was right – the poop had a good consistency, medium firm. Didn’t take any effort at all really as for about 30-45 seconds my sphincter continued to unload into my pants. It wrapped up, I reached behind to see if there was a bulge (heck yeah there was- probably about a softball size lump in my briefs), and decided to start making my way towards the exit. I managed to do so, I think, without anybody noticing.

The cute girl working the service desk greeted me as I departed (little did she know!) and I headed over to my car. It felt pretty heavenly to sit down on my seat and have the nice warm load spread all over my buttcheeks. There was some traffic- so driving home was closer to 20 minutes. Couple occasions I was able to lift up my butt and deposit more poop onto my load while sitting in amongst the commuters. I bet I was the only one doing that, lol.

Got home and checked out some of the videos on the site, and decided to share this account with you all. (And yes, the load is still in the seat of my briefs- in fact added a little more while writing).

Happy pooping!

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  1. I love that feeling of driving with a loaded diaper or undies. It’s so exciting to know you did something naughty but feels so goooood !!! Amen to you brother !!

  2. Lovely story! Riding your car back home and then pooping more while you wrote down your account of your edventure must have felt fantastic! Love it! 😋😋💩💩

  3. Dude……..I live in the mid west and I go to Menards and shit my pants there all the time!!! Check out some of my pics, I am at Menards with a brown shit stain in my jeans. The pics are call the “home improvement store” Would love to chat!

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