Lizzys adventure

Lizzy (me) was walking with her class after a field trip. She had to use the bathroom so she ran back to where the last restroom was. But it was locked. She ran back to her class, but they were already on the bus which had left. Lizzy was stranded ib the middle of nowhere. Now having to pee very badly. The school was miles away and it would take hours just to walk there. So she walked to find another bus stop to take her back to school. She had a black hoodie, light blue jeans, and pink flower panties on. It would be very obvious if she peed her pants. She kept walking until she found a bus stop and she waited there for a few minutes. Every minute making her need worse. Later the bus came and she hopped on. She told the man to go to her middle school, and they passed it. The man knew that lizzy had to pee, so once everyone was off the bus the man drove to very busy traffic. Lizzy was squirming and bouncing and holding, but not for much longer. She yelled to the man that she needed to pee very badly! He ignored her. He started to drive very fast and then he stopped imeddentaly and pushed lizzy forward and then, she lost control! She started peeing. A hot stream rushed down lizzys legs, and soaked her panties. The man let her off at her stop and she ran home. She never rode on a strange bus again.

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