Little embarrassing

I was out to do a public pooping. Went to a Halloween store first. But no good chances. Next door was a craft store. I had already pooped my pants. Had a good wet stop on my butt. There was a woman with 2 little girls running around. They were heading back to the bathrooms. The girls ran ahead of her to the bathrooms. I walked down side aile to get ahead of the mom. So she got to see my butt. The kids ad the bathrooms took up. So I turndown around and walked back toward her. As I walked passed I told her I didn’t make it. She just smiled at me. I left the store and went back to the Halloween store. This is were the embarrassing part is. I spot a mom and little kid. They were getting ready to walk up to the checkout. I got head of her about ten feet stop hold my butt so she sees that I pooped. She gets in line and I stand in line behind her. I ask her if see knew they had a bathroom. She said no then asked how I was doing. It was a woman that I worked with a couple years ago. So we talked for a minute or two. So said goodbye left the store. Had to walk out with clear view of my butt. It was really embarrassing to get caught by someone I knew.

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