Listening to your best friends dump

Listening to male scat sounds like farts, grunts or plops has always turned me on.
My best male friend is straight and even though he knows that I’m gay, he has never judged me for that and we share a lot of time together. He is 45, average built, with strong legs and thighs. He played soccer a lot when he was younger and you can still see it in his body.
Last year we spent a holiday in Scotland and we had a twin room at a Bed&Breakfast. One morning, after having eaten a copious breakfast, we went back to our room to get ready for an excursion. I was just closing my backpack, when he walked to the bathroom and closed the door. It was as if there wasn’t any door at all, you could clearly hear the slightest sound. He unbuckled his pants and sat down quite heavily on the toilet seat. I remained as silent as possible, my cock already stiffening in anticipation, my heart pounding in my temples. A gusher of piss sprayed inside the bowl for nearly a minute. My hard cock was clearly visible through my jeans and I forced myself not to touch it. I was in heavenly agony. As the splashing sound was subsiding, a loud fart echoed throughout the room, followed by a second wetter one and then the clear plop of one big turd hitting the water, which was perceived as the sound of a thunder in the night. A wet spot appeared on the tip of my cock through the jeans I was wearing. I could hardly catch my breath and I knew I was quickly approaching the point of no return. Another heavy plopping sound and then what at first sounded like a fit of cough, turned out to be a long and loud grunt caused by the straining, as if he was pulling a rope in a “tug-of-war”. This was followed by many softer plops and some piss still dripping from his cock. It was all too much for me: I just came in my trousers without even touching myself. The spot in my jeans was now quite large and expanding, but I still wanted to wait to get up all the sound of what was happening behind the door. The straining stopped, only followed by some occasional releaving sighs, as if he was now jerking off.
I guess that even though straight guys may not enjoy external contact with their assholes, a healthy and bulky shit will stimulate their prostate and as they are alone and naked in a private moment, it may turn out to be an ideal situation to jerk off.
This time I also touched myself, as if we were doing the same act together, and came once again when I heard him starting to wipe and then flushing the toilet twice in order to wipe away all the streaks of shit. I just had a few seconds to pull down my trousers and pants (there was no way to hide the wet spot and sticky mess on the crouch of my trousers) and to put new ones on. The stinking air when he came out of the bathroom covered the smell of cum that was quite evident in the bedroom. I guess he never imagined what happened while he was having his dump.

After one year, when I jerk off, I often visualise what happened on that day, but I see myself as if I was standing there behind him while he is taking his dump, oozing cum down his back and arse crack while he is grunting out huge logs.

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