I love yo dress up in sexy lingerie then poop in my pantys followed by smearing, dirty dildo fun, eating while eatching vids of guys doing same. I find scat play to be such a hot turn when dressed up. Even better is to play w/ another guy who also dresses up. Unfortunately it’s difficult to find other people who enjoy both crossdressing and scat fun. Are there any enthusiasts or others who like this fetish or curious to try? Any similar fetishes? Very curious. Thanks

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  1. There are others like you out there! We are a rare creature but do exist out in the wild…..

  2. I also like to include panties in my rotation and occasionally poop them. I don’t smear or anything but I get pretty aroused when I lose a desperate poop into panties or my usual speedo swim briefs. I have even done this while wearing a tight skirt and lycra leggings. Check my uploads for a couple pics!!

  3. I have often fantysized that I want a ladies full 1 piece swim suit about 2 or 3 sizes smaller so as to fit tight around my legs, ass, crotch, balls and then shit in it to see how it feels. I think it would be a bit better than the swim briefs that only hold so much until they “over flow”. I like to keep the poop in them for as long as possible and twice I was able to keep it in overnight just to poop again on top of the old to fill them up but they just “overflowed. With a ladies full swimsuit this would not happen as it would hold an infinate amount of poop. I could do two, three, or maybe four loads in the swimsuit. I could do a week’s worth of shit in the swimsuit and enjoy it all week long. .It wouldn’t be able to fall out or overflow and if I sit in it, it won’t ooz out the wasteband . I could sleep, walk around, sit, stand , and excersize without worry that I may lose some This could make for a fantastic week or weekend at the island. I’d be masturbating all week long. My peter would get a real workout! I’d have a full load for sure that would be definitely noticed. Sounds like fun, fun, fun!!!

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