Light vs Ice Beer

So last night when my wife went out to get me some beer, she accidentally got light beer instead of my usual ice beer.  She offered to go back and get the right kind, but I said it’s all good and to just forget about it.  Now on one hand I didn’t like the empty feeling it left in my gut and lack of good beer buzz, BUT on the other hand I LOVED what it did to my bladder.  I was able to drink all 12 beers without falling asleep and ended up wetting about 10-12x on cam and later on at work I ended up wetting twice.  So I think for just wetting while awake, I think that light beer is a better choice, but my general beer is still going to be ice beer because of how it makes me feel and how it tastes and it makes me wet the bed really good when I fall asleep.

So yeah.  ^_^

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  1. is your wife ok with u wetting? x

  2. im more of a busch light kinda guy. but if were talking ice beer then natty ice all the way. intresting finding though.

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