Levi’s 501xx Accident

January 20, 2013 by wetmark  1 Reply

This happened a few years ago. I’ve had many escapades that were planned involving pissing, shitting and cumming in my underpants and blue jeans, but this was my only true accident.(so far). I was driving home from a trip and it was approaching darkness. I was wearing new Levi’s 501xx shrink-to-fit blue jeans, which had just been washed after their shrinking, and white FTL briefs.

I started feeling rumblings in my stomach and passed a gas station, but I thought I could make it since I was only a few minutes from home. Soon, the urges became VERY strong, and I realized I wasn’t going to make it! I was on a rural country road and I pulled over and got out. It was fairly wooded just off the road, so I stood behind some trees. I felt loose shit starting to dribble down my leg. As soon as I bent over a little, I had an explosion. Loose shit blew out into my FTL briefs, filling them and escaping out into my Levi’s, and started running down my legs. It was a massive diarrhea load! It was followed by a long piss, totally soaking me.

At first I was upset with myself, shitting my new Levi’s. Then I relaxed and began to enjoy the feeling.. The briefs and jeans could be washed later, so why not enjoy the moment! I began running my hands along my backside, up and down my legs, and on my crotch and front. What fun! I didn’t want to be caught here, so I placed a towel on the car seat and drove home.

When I got there, I went right into the bathroom and inspected the damage. I had really totalled my jeans and underpants! Shit and piss were everywhere – front and back, inside and out – it looked wonderful! I got into the shower and had an awesome wank – cum flowing into my pants, adding to the mess already there. Exhausted, I then cleaned up.

I really enjoyed the experience. Sometimes the best fun is when you don’t expect it!.

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January 21, 2013 at 9:01 am

Je suis entièrement d’accord avec toi, le plaisir vient quand on ne s’y attend pas …
Tu as eu raison de profiter de cette nouvelle expérience, faire caca et pipi dans un nouveau jeans levis qui sont généralement très près du corps voire même moulant, j’imagine que le caca a du envahir une bonne partie du jeans.
Je comprends ton excitation et de ton envie de jouir, tu sais, la lecture de ton histoire me donne une belle érection et je vais aller jouir dans mon shorty !!!

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