Let’s go to the Beach~!

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Gender: Male and Female

Relationship: Yes

What Type: BxG

Requested: No

Warnings: Peeing, pooping, stripping, teasing (One swear)

Backstory: Erica and James had been working all week and it was finally the weekend, it was a nice and sunny day, perfect temperature, so they decided to go to the beach! But the thing is, what will happen while they’re there~? Well we’re gonna find out.

This is the results.


Erica and James were already at the beach, they had put there towels down, as James was now laid back on his and Erica was putting on sunblock, she then turned her back to James’s way “Can you do my back honey?” and Jack opened his eyes and nodded, smiling as he grabbed the sunblock, putting some in his hand before putting it over her back, running his hands up and down her back and sides “I love your bikini~” James whispered in her ear as Erica blushed and giggled “Shh~”. There was no one else on the beach for miles, it was only them too for some reason, they could faintly hear people on the other side of the beach. Erica smiled once he was done and stood up, grabbing his hand and pulling him up “Come on~! Let’s go swimming!” and she giggled and started running to the water, James chuckled and following behind slowly.

They had swam for a while, playing around alot and were now back on their towels, James was sat up on his elbows slightly and bit his lip before looking to Erica “Babe, I gotta pee..” James said. As Erica looked up at him and raised an eyebrow “Then go to the water and Pee baby~” Erica said as James shook his head “Too easy, i want something risky~” As to which Erica rolled her eyes and giggled, they were both those types of people that loved to pee outside, have an adventure, feel naughty, be risky as she then giggled “I have an idea~” and she went to where the towels were connected and she moved them aside, making a little gap before starting to dig a whole, James smirked knowing what she was doing now as he chuckled “Good plan my love, make it deep though~” James said as Erica nodded and soon finished, pulling back “Go potty baby~” as James blushed but rolled his eyes, he looked around as he then got his cock out, spurting slightly onto the towel as he blushed, Same as Erica before he moved onto his stomach, sticking his cock in the hole as Erica put the towel to the edges of his crotch, it just looking like he was laying on his stomach, he turned his head Erica’s way, resting his head on his arms and it took a few moments before a sudden pissing sound was heard, which he let out a sigh of relief and closed his eyes lightly, it then getting soon thicker as he groaned softly, hiding his face in his arms, had been holding since they got there as Erica was watching intensely, blushing deeply, starting to feel her own urge build but she ignored it as James soon finished and he sighed, chuckling softly as he pulled back and stuffed his cock back in his bathers “I feel so much better~” James said as Erica giggled and pecked his lips “Well i gotta pee now so soon get ready, think of something~” and Jake smirked, instantly knowing what he wanted to do though laying back, knowing that they both wanted her to build up her bladder.

Erica soon couldn’t take it anymore as she was constantly whimpering, she looked to James and whimpered as he let out a smirk “Please tell me you thought of something~! I-I’m about to burst~!!” Erica said as He chuckled and patted his lap, sitting up “Come sit on my lap babe~” and Erica instantly moved over and sat on his lap, he knew this would be enjoyable since they both had only their bathers on as she wriggled on his lap slightly, James grunted and stopped her “You desperate~?” James said as Erica nodded, whimpering as she let out a spurt “P-Please let me p-pee~!!” As James smirked “I like that sound of you begging, but i think i’d like your pee more~” James said as he moved his hands down to her ass, squeezing lightly as he whispered in her ear “Let go~” Erica without hesitation instantly then let go, a heavy stream of pee gushing out of her and onto James’s lap, soon the stream going onto his cock, as Erica moaned in relief, as James also moaned, but more from pleasure, Erica gripped his shoulders as she pushed the stream out onto him, the hotness of her piss getting them more hot and bothered.

Erica soon finished as they both sat there panting, they both looked to each other, staying still, not saying anything, staring into each others eyes before Erica suddenly tackled him back, instantly kissing him deeply and roughly, filled with lust and love Before they slowly pulled back and smiled “Later, you, me, a bunch of pee and alot of fucking~” James said as Erica giggled and nodded, pecking her lips “Now i wanna try and get a tan~” as she got off him and laid down, putting on her sunglasses, she didn’t care that much for a tan, but just wanted to calm down as she sighed as James laid down with her, them smiling both to themselves.

Later on James slowly sat up, a hand against his stomach as his stomach made a whine like sound, loud enough for Erica to hear as she took off her sunglasses and looked to him “Gotta go potty again?” and he nodded as Erica smiled and giggled “Me too, i was just too shy to say..” and James chuckled and shook his head “Always tell me love~ We using the hole?~” as to which Erica nodded in response “Do you want to go first or me?” Erica said as James pointed at her “You go first, you’ve been waiting longer than me.” and Erica nodded and spread the towels, revealing the wet hole, more dried now but still, Erica looked around as she pulled down her bikini bottoms, there being even less people at the beach now, she squatted down ontop of the hole as James watched, not taking his eyes off of her for one second as Erica started to push, biting her lip, it coming out with ease, as it then fell down into the whole, her blushing deeply as she let out a few spurts of pee too and she then pulled her bottoms up “Your turn~” as James chuckled “I gotta pee too so watch out~” as Erica grinned and nodded, James didn’t care and just took off all of his bathers, leaving him stark naked as Erica looked over him, blushing deeper as James smirked and winked before squatting down and grunting, starting to push it out, his taking more force and time as he kept grunting, it soon coming out as he let out a sigh of relief, it making a slight ‘plop’ noise as it fell ontop of hers and he chuckled, though he then instantly leaned forward, still on his knees as he got down on his hands, he was now on his hands and knees as he moaned and started to heavily pee into the towel, he didn’t care it was on the towel as Erica focused on his stream, it being thick and heavy as it started to puddle, He kept peeing for about another straight minute before he finally finished and let out a sigh of relief, putting his trunks back on and smirking at Erica. Erica blushed but then instantly started to pack up everything “We’re going home, Now.” as to which James smirked and got his stuff “I Don’t mind that~” and they kissed one more time on the beach before walking up to their car.

All they could say was that-

It was one of the best sessions they had ever had.

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  1. I’ve pissed and dumped at a nude beach not far from me. The toilets are a long way off so it’s sort of accepted that people do it “al fresco” there but not out in the open. Often I piss into my trunks while lying on my stomach. If I need to dump, I go back into an area of trees. Lean my bum against a small tree and let it go. Have done this a few times, only once was spotted by a lady who looked in my direction then walked off.

  2. How sweet. Erica’s blushing was cute, and their love for each other was palpable. You’re a good writer! Thank you for the story, LittleMiss. xo

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