Sunlight streamed through the leafy canopy in glowing bars that illuminated the forest floor with pale yellow pools of light. The sounds of the forest – the shrill but soothing chirping of insects, beautiful ballets sung by all varieties of bird and the soft babbling of a nearby stream, combined with the plethora of scents from the exocit flowers to create a relaxing, peaceful and safe atmosphere. For the young blond standing in the worn dusty path, this was her favorite place to be.

Despite the joy and calm brought by being in the forest, Lemina’s task was of heavy import and she could allow herself no time to take pleasure in the moment. The Brushing a stray strand of her shining, blond hair from her eyes, she glanced skyward and noted the position of the sun. Midday was nearing and it was almost time.

Her eyes floated downward to a small clump of beautiful flowers. Their dark purple pedals were streaked with countless shades of blue, silver and gold that continued down the green shaft and branched across the dirt a few inches. Dragonsbane. It was not only amongst the most stunning plants in the world, but was also one of the most potent herbs available for weaving magic. It also required the most care and attention while growing.

Lemina was well aware of the consequences of unkempt Dragonsbane. If not carefully monitored, it would wilt and die. Not only would it lose it’s usefulness, but it would become extremely poisonous to humans. For the past several months, Lemina had been in the forest daily, caring for the Dragonsbane and making sure it stayed healthy. But that was all done, and she could tell the plant was nearly ready to harvest. However, there was only a minute window of opportunity to pick the plant, and countless gardeners lost their supply because of not being ready when it bloomed.

She was also aware of another situation that was increasingly demanding more and more of her attention. The urge to both defecate and urinate was becoming severe and she constantly shifted her weight from foot to foot. She badly wanted to relieve herself, but doubted that the Order would be took no more than a few minutes. The Dragonsbane picked, she stood and headed down the path home.

She was moments into the walk when her need for relief returned with a vengeance. She struggled against the urges, but before long each step was met with a spurt of urine and her feces slid out another centimeter. She whimpered slightly as she fought the need, but knew it was hopeless.

In the last moment, she managed to gather her wits enough to create a concealing spell that wrapped around her like a second pair of panties. The magic barrier would help contain her mess for a while, but it wouldn’t last forever. With that in mind, she broke into a run.

For as badly as she needed to go, she managed to run quite well. Her steps were a little awkward, but she was making good time. Still, she was only human and her legs quickly tired. Her run turned into a quick trot then into the same painful stagger as before. Worse, she could feel the containment spell weakening.

Yet she struggled on. She actually made it out of the Sacred Forest and the stone battlement that was the Order’s HQ loomed in the distance. However, the containment spell was on it’s last few seconds and Lemina knew she couldn’t recast it in time. Weakly, she leaned forward and tried to hold on. Her spirits dropped with the spell and in defiance she shouted: “MY KINGDOM FOR A CHAMBERBOT”

And then the spell faded away.

Almost immediately her bladder unleashed a flood of golden water that soaked through her panties and poured in rivers down the insides of her thighs. The urine drenched her undergarments, including the seat, in mere moments but continued for minutes. And in the confusion, she was barely aware of what was happening behind her.

Slowly, her cheeks spread and her puckered anus greatly opened. Instantly, a soft but solid log began pushing it’s way out. Her panties rapidly expanded to accommodate the intrusion and a noticeable bulge in the back of her skirt was quickly formed. However, the flimsily material soon reached capacity and small chunks of brown joined the river of yellow on the trip to the ground.

Despite her anger and humiliation, she felt unexplainable relief as her body’s needs were finally met. Her panties sagged from the weight of her load, and the smell of urine and shit replaced the fresh fragrance of the forest. In addition, the bird’s songs no longer seemed welcoming, but mocking, as if they were laughing at her misfortune.

Finished doing the deed, Lemina waddled to a nearby bush and slowly lowered her loaded underwear. A large, smushed ball of poop fell out and plopped noisily on the ground, and she blushed deeply. Her flowered panties were ruined, covered in shit and a slightly yellow color. Her buttocks and thighs were smeared with her own waste and worse, there was nothing she could do about it. The stream ended minutes ago and the next closest water supply was at the Order. With a sigh, she pulled her ruined garments back up and headed for home…pleased if their supply of Dragonsbane died because she ‘needed to go.’ Besides, such actions in the Sacred Forest would be frowned upon and would elicit the Consul’s punishment.

So instead, she pressed her hand firmly between her legs and clenched her anus tightly. The sound of rushing water and the heat of the day did little to help her predicament, and she was becoming irritated.

Her bowel cramped, and she doubled over, quickly putting both hands on her abdomen. The ache almost made her lose control of her bladder, and she had to press firmly against her crotch to prevent any leakage. She would have been a sight for any onlooker, however, hunched forward and bobbing back and forth with one hand between her legs. The urge passed, but the fullness remained. But she needed to go, and soon.

However, that would have to wait. Before her eyes, the Dragonsbane bloomed. The pedals opened and revealed an intricately design unique to each leaf on each flower. The sight was impossible to describe and so stunning that Lemina briefly forgot her personal needs.
Without delay, she set to picking the plants. This was a delicate process, but to her deft hands

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