Legend Of Diaper Boy

So here I am a 22 year old girl and I have yet to find a boyfriend!  Not even a girlfriend either!  Guess I’m just not the lesbo type.  But oh well.  However, there was always this guy named Jason who I was always attracted to since we were kids,  Jason was so funny and popular and a huge trouble maker.  I can’t even remembe the amount of times he was suspended.  In jr. high school he was kicked out of school for being in a gang and bringing drugs and alcohol to school.  It really turned me on that such an adorable boy could be so bad.  I knew right then and there I had a fetsih for bad boys.  I wanted to know what made Jason tick.  I wanted to know what drove him.  I wanted to know what he was like behind closed doors.  I soon found that out.

One night I snuck out of my dorm room to go to a country party that happens every year and I love those!  So much beer and so much sex!!  What’s not to love?!  Upon getting there I noticed Jason was there and he was quite drunk already.  He was being his usual self and just making fun of everyone and laughing and everyone was laughing with him.  I then ignored him and went and started drinking with my friends.  We all started talking about the guys we thought were hot at the party and I mentioned that I thought Jason was cute.  Everyone started telling me he was bad news and to stay away from him.  I was a little scared at how fast they were to judge him.  But I just left it at that.  We continued drinking and laughing at the other guys.  Didn’t see Jason at all.  I started to feel the need to pee, but I held it in because my friend Amanda was making me laugh with her stories of her failed love life.  She then started talking about Jason back when he was in elementary school.  She mentioned one time on the playground that a bigger kid wanted to fight him and in fear he wet his pants.  I laughed because I thought it was just a bullshit story.  Jason was never the type to be afraid of anyting or anything. 

I walked away because I was tired of listening to them.  I still had to pee so I went to the nearest bush.  As I was doing my business, I saw Jason run by.  He was wearing his usual denim shorts and skate shoes.  But something was wrong with him.  I then noticed he was being chased by some older guys.  Jason was holding his mouth for some reason.  All of a sudden Jason let go of his mouth and he vomited all over himself.  He then started peeing himself because I saw it all come out of his short legs and soak into his socks and obviously his shorts got noticable wet.  Jason turned into a new person.  He was scared and submissive.  He sat down and started crying.  The other guys walked away laughing and making fun of him.  I didn’t even give it another second’s thought.  I went over to him and tried talking to him.  Not only did I smell vomit and pee, but also he had pooped himself too.  What’s happening here??  How is the coolest guy in school reduced to this?  After Jason stopped crying, I invited him to my house because I was drunk and I needed to sleep.  Jason wiped away the tears and was happy to go with me.  We got to my house and I didn’t have anything that Jason could fit in, so Jason just stayed naked while I washed his clothes.  This was the first time I have ever seen Jason naked.  He looked like a huge 23 year old baby!  He had adorable skin tone.  No body hair.  Smooth skin.  Great smell.  I started to rub his cute head while he slept and he did something I never even dreamed.  He started wetting all over himself and my bed!  He peed on his face and it woke him up.  He got scared and started to cry again.  This time it was different.  He started sucking his thumb.  I told him to just do what he’s doing and I left.

I left and started driving to Wal-Mart knowing that I was not only gonna have the cute boy of my dreams in my house, but also baby him.  I arrived at Wal-Mart and went to the adult diaper aisle.  I picked up some Assurance and some boosters.  I then was seeing cute baby stuff as I was leaving.  I bought some pacifiers, bottles, sippy cups, bibs, baby food, and some crayons and coloring books.  When I got home I saw Jason going in the bathroom.  I kind of scared him I guess and he peed on the floor.  He started to cry again and I really fast opened up a paci and put it in his mouth.  His eyes lit up!  I really fast got him diapered up and after I was done, I was ammazed how cute this boy looked.  He thought he was such a tough guy, but he was nothing but a diaper boy!  I kept him in diapers forever.


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