Left a little incontinent

Well on Friday I went up to London for a kinky night away. The deal was he would fist me to the max and he sure did, 3 session, 2 that night and one in the morning. On returning back home I went up to the theatre and was walking back when, for one of the first times in my life I had a genuine accident. I hadn’t managed to go to the loo in the morning as he had literally fisted the shit out of me and my body was rather confused and I couldn’t get the rest out. When I got back here I had a big dinner which must have just gone right through!

After the theatre I said goodbye to my friend and began the walk back to town, it was only 10pm and no sooner had my friend left then I felt all the poo start to push down… and I couldn’t stop it! I’d obvs been pushed to the max and seemed to have lost control for the day and as I walked down the hill past lots of people I just totally filled my pants! It was a huge load and it just seemed to keep coming out as I was walking down more and more. Every time I stopped at a road or slowed down I could feel more coming out. I was soooo fucking hard in my tight jeans with my boner pushing out the front and a massive load which must have been visible from behind too.

By the time I got home the poo had finally finished and then I had to clean up. There was a massive amount of poo squished into my boxers and all over my ass. Oppsy daisy 😛

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  1. Wgat do you expect? you’ve widened and lossend your muscles irreparably. Getv used to diapers because you’re going to need them.

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