Lee’s “Accident”

19 year old Lee had been out with his mates from work for an early Christmas party – his manager had given arranged and paid for the party and all the drinks. Lee like most of the guys who’d been had made the most of this, after all not many bosses pay for a works party.

They’d been out for a Curry at a local Indian restaurant, and then to a nearby Bar – Lee happily drank as much as he knew he could handle which was a good few drinks. He’d been on Stella which he really liked, he’d downed seven pints in total by the end of the night. It was time to say their goodbyes and they made their separate ways home. Lee had a near two mile walk but he didn’t mind he figured the walk would freshen him up.

He’d really enjoyed his night out, he stopped for a piss behind a hedge making sure he wasn’t spotted, and then carried on his way. About a mile from home he realised he needed the toilet again but this time he needed to shit really bad. The Curry and the Pizza he’d had for his lunch plus the beers he’d drunk had made their way through him. He thought he’d be able to manage till he got home …. his bowels were really straining now, he let out a loud rasping fart, then another but this time there was more! Lee followed through! He was shitting himself … he could feel the almost liquid poop flowing from his hole. He clenched his hole but it was no good! Fuck what to do?

It was no good he decided he just let go and a torrent of shit poured out of his hole, into his aussiebums and ran down his legs. He was mortified and so embarrassed, and yet he could not understand why his cock was so hard! Yes, he had an erection from shitting himself. He arrived home, thankfully his parents were away for the weekend. He let himself in and went straight to the downstairs bathroom. He dropped his jeans and stood and looked at himself in the mirror. Shit was everywhere he was a total mess. But his cock was still rock hard, he really did not understand!

He ‘d shit himself but was totally boned up, he reached down and began wanking himself, his balls rubbing on the squishy shit in his pants. It didn’t take long before he was coming shooting wad after wad of hot cum across the bathroom floor. He realised now how excited and turned on he had been from his “accident”. Wow! what a lucky accident he thought to himself. He knew now he’d do this again sometime but next time it would be on purpose! But for now he had to clean up, and so he stripped and showered, and put his filthy clothes in the wash.

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