Leaving pooped undies

I like to poop my pants, drive around for awhile sitting in my load and than go to a public restroom and change, leaving the shitty undies on the floor for the next guy to find. I also like finding pooped undies. Anyone else get into this??

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  1. I have left loaded pooped undies in the woods. I just KNOW someone will appreciate them. As a very young man I found pooped undies in a locker at the local high school. I was only there to use the swimming pool. That was hot.

  2. I love discovering dirty undies anywhere – in the woods, at rest stops and in men’s rooms. Really gets me going.

  3. Mmmm, I love finding them and leaving them. When I was twelve had a serious case of diarrhea getting of the school bus. Planted my foot as my butt took off like a run away fire hose. Made a beeline for the little boys room filling my shoes an leaving a trail all the way. Was not going to call my folks so went from class to class smelling bad. Was humiliating an titillating all at the same time.

    Used to walk into the woods behind my house shortly after that to strip down to my white underpants to fill them then beat off with them on. Gave me an even bigger thrill to think that someone was watching me. Get just as big a thrill finding wet and or soiled pants, underwear, etc.

    Did someone get off leaving these for me??? Mmmmm so good!

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