Laying in bed next to sleeping girlfriend

I had spoken to my gf about my strange obsession only its something she was slightly interested in, one night we had been out for drinks and spoken about this fetish we both were getting quite turn on about the subject, I think she was playing on it slightly but I didn’t care! Just talking to her about it gave me the hardest dick ever she new this and played on it as we were in the public eye! Any how we went home and got into bed as usual she was asleep before her head hit the pillow, as for me I was hard and horny! I left my boxers on knowing that I could push a small amount of poo out in bed laying next to her hoping she wouldn’t wake but almost wanted to see her reaction! Obviously I’ve been drinking so thought this was a good idea obviously!!!! So laying there hard and pushing and stopping teasing myself waiting for the right time my dick was literally bursting out my pants I started to push harder a small amount started to come out it felt amazing! I started to masterbate at the same time! This was such a turn on knowing she is next to me not knowing I’ve never done this in front of anyone! So I push more and I’m beginning to get carried away! Realise this was a a massive gamble! Still wanking slowly so I don’t wake her I noticed she had one eye open but didn’t say anything she new what I was doing but pretending to be asleep so I carried on pushing and wanking she honestly thought I didn’t think she was awake I could see she was getting turned on I turned on my side so she could see the me filling my pants I’m not overly sure but I’m sure she was touching her self! By this this I had made such a mess still I could see her eye watching I started to cum she made a little noise that I’d never forget that was the hottest time of my life! We never spoke about this and to this day she still thinks I did know she was watching!

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  1. Accidents happened a couple of times when my wife and I were having sex. We had both been late stopping bed wetters and had protected the bed because of this – although we were well over it and only lapsed about twice a year (her) and a little more often (me)
    One night we were having sex and had just got to mutual arousal when I felt I urgently needed to poop. I told Jane I would have to go to the bathroom and she said “Don’t stop” . I said I would poo myself if I didn’t go to the bathroom very quickly. She again told me not to and I said “it’s going to happen”. Jane was close to orgasm but moved her hand to the back of my bum. I let go at that point and she must have felt my load tent out the back of the briefs I wore to be and had pushed down for “action”.

    We carried on with the main thing and had a very mutually satisfying conclusion. We cuddled for a bit and I tried to apologise. She said “don’t worry- just go to sleep and clean up in the morning. I just did as I was told.

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