LAYBY DUMP part two.

After pulling his dirty work jeans up we walked away from the side of his lorry as I directed him to where we needed to go so he could shit. I was walking behind him and could hear him farting as he held his jeans up with one hand, while the other was pushed down the back of his pants desperate to not fill his pants.

As we walked through the long grass he said he had never done anything like tis before, but had always been very open minded about sex. As we were walking I had my cock out pissing as I walked, which was one of my favourite things to do when I wanted to piss. And at the end, look back as see the long squiggly line I had left.

As we got to behind the brick wall another lorry pulled in. He stood against the wall and said to me that he had to dump….now !

I said leave it to me, trust me and do what I say. I turned him around and slid my hand into his pants and my finger down the crack of his arse, finding his hole and what felt like the tip of a hard turd, poised for evacuation. He was restless and I pulled his jeans and pants down to his knees and asked him to squat a little.  As he did his cheeks parted and I slid my finger into his arse hole….he flinched and as it slowly moved further up inside him he started to relax and I could feel the warm, hard turd. The palm of my hand was now flat against his cheeks and I could smell him. He was moaning and pushing back onto my finger, so I slowly pulled out and told him to let it go.

He grunted as a thick turd slid slowly out of his hairy hole. I watched in the dimmed light on my knees behind him as he pushed, grunted and farted as this huge log of a turd hung from his hole and then when he flexed a piece fell to the ground in front of me. I was slowly wanking myself as more emerged from his hole, this time softer, snake like oozing out and piling on top of the rest. He pushed his cock back between his legs and let a stream of warm piss out, washing over the huge pile now laying in front of me.

I lent forward and got the stream of piss into my mouth and swallowed it all down. When he finished, he squeezed out some little curls of left over poo and then turned round to push his cock in my mouth so I could suck him, while I was wanking. As I sucked him, I got another finger into his shitty hole and hooked it a little to feel his prostate……..his cum hit the back of my throat and slid slowly down as I shot my load over his boots.

He slumped against the wall exhaling….and then farted, we both smiled as we got dressed. I wiped my shitty finger on his dirty jeans and just said “memories”………………..

He walked back to his truck and I crouched under the shoulder high bushes for awhile and watched quietly as guys pulled in and pissed and shit into the night, none knew I was watching them……………………the layby is till there.          


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