Laxative Party

Everyone had arrived in the dining room and were making small talk while they drank their cocktails. It all appeared normal to an outside observer. But there was something different about this gathering. Instead of sipping their drinks, folks were guzzling down the liquid and grabbing glasses of water to chase the drinks. There was no alcohol in the glasses but a potent liquid laxative that was to be consumed on a given signal by all attending at the same time. After downing the laxative, everyone began mingling and it was then that you could see that some were walking a little funny due to thick diapers they were wearing. Some of the more demure of the bunch had also put on plastic pants in case there was some leakage. Folks wandered around, introducing themselves and laughing at private jokes.

It had been about 25 minutes when the conversations suddenly got low or stopped altogether. This was a small group of about 20 people and they had got to know each other better during the last hour or so. It suddenly got very quiet in the room and some people were looking a little anxious. Cathy was standing by one of the tables and farted loudly, the sound muffled slightly by her diaper and plastic pants. Steveen also was experiencing some discomfort and grunted as he farted into his diaper. Others were apparently doing the same as the room began to fill with the smell of impending bowel movements. Sarah, a curvy blonde, had been holding in her poop for about three days in preparation for this event and was having some trouble maintaining her composure as intense cramps began bearing down on her clenched sphincter. She was standing a little away from the group and had been passing smelly gas for the last ten minutes. She wore a pretty green dress and a disposable diaper underneath. The pressure was getting really bad and she was sort of bending and hopping from one foot to the other in an attempt to stop an accident from slipping into her pants. She was not really embarrassed, because everyone at the party was showing signs of discomfort and there were little dances of desperation everywhere. A loud gurgling sound came from her stomach and a painful cramp began bearing down on her straining little butthole. She had to fart and tried to ease out the gas without pooping her pants. It didn’t work, and she felt a little soft shit ooze out of her butt and between her cheeks. So far she really hadn’t soiled her diaper but just lubricated between her cheeks with a layer of soft poo. A terrible cramp and a loud rumbling sound was again heard as the pressure became too great and she messed her pants. Sarah tried to slow down the load as it pushed out of her but it was futile and a huge load of soft poop rushed into her diaper followed by a loud fart. She lifted her dress to expose her now soiled diaper and all present got a good look at her bulging diaper with a brown stain forming on the seat from her accident. She thought that she didn’t need to put on plastic pants but was starting to regret that choice as more cramps began coming in waves. She continued to hold up her dress as she lost control and another squishy load emptied into her pants. As she pooped in her diaper again, the load filled up the back and started squeezing into the crotch and oozing up the front. Everyone enjoyed the sight of lovely Sarah with her dress up and a massive load causing her diaper to bulge. Some of her accident began leaking out of the leg gathers and running down her legs. She was a total mess and she knew it was going to get worse. She relaxed and squirted a quart of diarrhea into her already bursting diaper. A stream of liquid shit began flowing from around the legs of her disposable and dripped on the floor. The feeling was incredible and she had never had such a big accident. She reached into the front of her soiled diaper and started to masturbate furiously. Her hand was getting messy as her accident had squeezed up into the front as well as up her back and it wasn’t long before she had a screaming orgasm. She didn’t care if anyone noticed her plight because others in the room had similar problems and she would get to enjoy their accidents as well.

Steven and Cathy were watching with interest as Sarah lost control and completely messed her diaper. She had masturbated to a climax as all attending got to watch. Cathy was feeling intense cramps and was afraid to fart as she was sure that she would have an accident. Every wave of cramping was getting worse and each time she was sure she would mess her diaper. Steven was feeling the same as loud rumbles from his stomach accompanied each wave of cramps. He looked over at Cathy and asked if she was about to have an accident. She could only nod her head as she was trying with every ounce of willpower to keep from pooping her pants. The knowledge that she would soon lose control was making her wet and the sight and smell of others who had already lost that battle was only making her hornier. She looked over at Steven and whispered that she was going to have an accident any second and she was a naughty girl. Steven took the cue and pulled up a sturdy chair. He took her hand and led her to the chair as he sat down. The pressure from the laxative was almost unbearable and he felt a little poop slide into his diaper even though he did his best to hold it. As he sat on his slightly soiled diaper he bent Cathy over his knee and pulled up her dress, revealing her beautiful diapered ass. He began spanking her padded butt sternly but also realizing that the extra padding would diminish the smacks. As Steven began to spank her, Cathy was getting more and more excited. With each stroke of his hand her urgency to go was increasing ten-fold. Steven was having difficulty holding his bowels as well and as he swatted her padded bottom, little squishy loads of poop were filling his diaper with each stroke. Finally, Cathy could feel that she was going to have her accident and she told Steven as he continued to smack her bottom. She couldn’t hold it anymore and moaned as a huge load rushed into her diaper making puttering noises as it filled the back. Steven gave up trying to hold his bowels and grunted as he let a massive load squish into his pants. Cathy had her head nearby as he filled his diaper and could hear the squish as it oozed into the seat. Steven had continued to spank her and the squish of her accident as he pushed on her messy diaper was causing her to squirm a little from the ecstasy of the sensations. She had to go again and this time she didn’t fight the feeling, pushing another soft load into her already full pants. As this accident rushed into her diaper, the load proved to be too much for the diaper to contain and she could feel it starting to squeeze out of the leg openings with each smack from his hand. Steven was enjoying the sight of her full diaper and the accident was oozing up her crack and starting to peek out of the top of the diaper as he continued to spank her messy, soiled bottom. The excitement of Cathy’s accident and the fact that he was filling his diaper with a massive accident was building to a fever pitch and he had a rock hard erection which was sticking into her stomach even through his diapered crotch. Steven stopped spanking her and began to push on the seat of her well filled diaper, causing a little more to squish out the back as well as out the legs. She had to go again and farted loudly as she pushed another load into her pants. Steven could feel the load as it squished into the seat of her diaper and began filling up the front as well as the back. The diaper was brown in the back from the sheer volume of her accident and he could hear a swish sound as she began to pee, causing a spreading warmness that soaked her soiled diaper. As Cathy finished peeing she stood up and revealed the worst mess she had ever done. The front of her diaper was as stained as the back as the load had filled it up and her position during the spanking only increased the flow into the crotch. Steven had really made a mess also and he stood so she could see his full diaper and pee his pants. Cathy grabbed the back of his soiled pants and felt the huge load as she pushed on the accident and enjoyed the feeling of the mess. She reached into the front of his diaper and began to stroke his member. She could feel that his mess had squished up into the crotch and Steven reached over to her and began to do the same as she moved her hips against his hand. Within seconds they had both cum and Steven felt another huge load empty into her already full diaper as Cathy had her orgasm.

Cathy was happy she had attended this party. She had followed her instincts when answering the ad she spotted in the fetish magazine about a “special” kind of party. She could now look forward to many fun and messy adventures in the future.

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  1. great story, sign me up !! where and when are these parties held would love to attend. It would be awesome to crash a party like this !! Shit filled diapers everywhere, It’s like heaven !!

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