Laxative Butt In Tight Jeans

I was upset with my friend natasha over some silly farts incident that occurred two days ago. We were hanging out with two boys from campus and during the date I farted. I was sitting
In the back seat of her car next to my date and yes I farted a wet loud himid sounding farts in my jean where I sat. any ways to my date it was not a big deal but natasha had to be a hygeine freak and make a huge deal out of my on gas incident. She even went on to saying that women with bubble butt such as myself would do a thing like farting on her car seat. Anyways to get revenge on her I have plan out a perfect prank that would gross her out of her proper butt mind. First I went to cvs and purchase a box of dulcolax. This is doctor recommended product , promise to work with 4 hrs upon being consume. I took an overdose of 8 tablets, trying to maxime the pooping effect for my prank on natasha. My plan to gross her out is simply consume laxative pills , drove to her house and went the urge to go bm kick in, I will sneak into her car, pull my jean down and explode pooping all over her car seat. It going to be gross and costly for her to deal with and make me very happy seeing a text from her crying about the prank later in the day. Alright, after afour hrs passes that day I have decided its time to put into motion my diarrhea bomb plan. I hop into my volvo and head down the road to her place it had now been 4 hrs since my laxative tablets and taco bell meal. I feel stuff in my stomach but no urge to go #2 yet. On my way to her house I pass a gas station and decided to stop to pump gas in my car. I figure I have plenty of time before the laxatives kick in, I was so wrong to make suck assumption. As I stood next to my car pumping some gas, I felt it my bowel getting irrated , a sure sign that the laxatives is now active and is now forcing a bowl movement out of me. I deciced to hold it in until I finish filling my tank; howver, the need to defecate becoming so real I was farting silently against my will. My thong is now wet just from my butt farting all over it. I quickly hung up the gas pump and stop filling my tank. My reasoning for that is I don’t want the laxatives to make my butt to suddenly diarrhea and fill up my jean. As I got back I my car I remembered myself thinking it not a smart idea to wear skin tight jean today. I turned up the heat in my car to warm my hands because my hands got sweaty and cold just from the warm feeling that’s growing intensely and bubblely in my tummy.driving toward natsha house to take a massive dump in her car had prove to me to be a bad idea.the reason is if I don’t get there fast enough and pull my jean and thong down in time im going to defecate in my pants, like a baby in diaper. Except in my case I wear no diarper just a black thong and favorite skin tight jean. And im not a baby with proper excuse for an poop accident . im a 23 years old female who just want to pull a nasty prank on my girl and now it seem like the joke is on me or on my bottom.…seriously……every traffic light is killing me. My butt clench up as the pressure to loose my bowel grew stronger with each pausing red light. After three red light, I just couldn’t take it anymore , as I took a deep breath trying to calm myself, I crapped my thong against my will. Hot poo came out of my *** and ruined my thong without warning, given my butt in tight jean an unfamiliar feeling that I have no idea how to manage. I was now determined to hold on for the sake my jean and my prank on nastasha. At the last red light before reaching nastasha house, I parked my car with both hands gripping the steering wheel tightly with a grimace look on my face. My grim look , later turn into a nervous wanting to cry look , as the overdose laxatives I’ve consume 4 hrs ealier show it strenght and forced more hot poo out of my butt filling the valley between my butt cheeks…my butt crack …. It over flown my thong, and it was so warm and mushy. I worried at this piont about crapping uncontrollably in my pants more anything. I was so worry that I passed nastasha house. i had crapped in my pants some more as I reverse my car to park in front of her house. sitting in my car with my thong totally ruined and my pants a little messy, in my head im thinking maybe I should just getting out of car and let my butt explode next to my own car, or maybe I ‘ll just ring the door bell and beg her to let me use her bathroom before I lost it and explodes with diarrhea all in my jeans . the urge to defecate inside me had got so intense I remembered regreting taking so many laxatives. With my warm messy butt glued to my car seat , I have made up my mind to carry out my prank. I muster up all my strenght to not poop myself and with my hands on my belt ready to pull my pants down I rushed toward her car.but then I was unexpectedly approach by her little brother. He told me he have to wash her car today he had finish most of it already and just got the wheels to go. i said hi to him with a panic in my voice as my bottom is beginning to ooze out soft mushy poop warming up the seat of my tight jeans where I stood. Standing there with every sentence and small talks I had with him really bring me closer to have an bad diarrhea accident in my tight jean. The 8 dulcolax make my body bend as I try to hold myself back from exploding. There was a panic in my voice again as I try to leave nastasha brother and her house. before leaving , I asked if nastasha is home and as it turn out she at the campus studying. her little brother asked me if I want to stay for for dinner and wait for nastsaha, I quickly replied ,no thanks I’ve got to get going right now. with my hands now on my butt I could feel the warm budge growing as I startedto loose control of my bowel and begin to pooping in my jean. The budge in my jean grew larger and larger as I walked back to my car. As I reach my car door my desperate butt went from slowly pouring out hot mushy poo into my tight jean to pumping out hot diarrhea quickly into my tight jean. There was so much poop filling my butt cheeks and the bottom of my jeans I don’t know how to react to my accident. And as soon as I got in my car I ha to sit down on my messy bottom, because I was sitting down , as I started my car my butt pumped out more hot poo smearing it all over bottom making a wet fart sound prrrprprrpprrrrrrrrrprpprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
I was almost in tears and very embarrass . but the worst is yet to come. My inside still irriate from the function of the laxative to encourage bm . And at the moment I thought it couldnot get any worst , at the first red light out of natasha street. I was feeling so uncomfortable from the urge to defecate , i couldnot take it any longer and decided to satisfy my needs . I gave up and exploded violently diarrhea in my jeans ,and some of it soaked through my car seat. I bomb my bottom with a massive amount of poop covering my butt, my thigh and it got in the front of my jeans as well, it was so bad I had to drive all the home in a tight pair of jean fill with diarrhea , the feeling I got that days was just uncontrollable warm and messy . my butt was pumping out feces against my will, I wanted to take laxatives to promote a bowel movement for a prank to pull on my friend. turn out the joke is on me and the wrost part was that I never got to take my pants off when the laxatives started working………the end…

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  1. Ooooh yeahhhh… sooo hot !! I couldn’t refrain from pooping my jeans and jerking-off while reading your terrific, arousing story !

    You should post pics !

    Putain, ton histoire m’a bien fait chier et juter dans mon jeans !

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