Latex Pantie Hose

Hi everyone here on WPB, i know it’s the end of Jan but i hope you all had a good xmas and Santa brought you everything you wanted, i know that he did for me, and one of my best presents was a pair of latex tights (pantie hose), they are great for going out in the village where i live as everyone knows everyone else, so it’s difficult to go out for a beer and have the fun of pissing yourself all night, well not any more it isn’t, not with these tights on anyway, i’ve worn them every night that i’ve gone out since i got then, and i’ve forgotten what the inside of the gents looks like at my local as i no longer need to go there, when ever i fell the need to piss now i just let go in the latex tights and have that wonderful feeling as my hot piss trickles down my legs knowing full well that that it isn’t showing in my jeans, by the time i’m leaving to head home though i have to be careful, as both legs are full up to my knees and the piss can be heard sloshing about as i walk, still it’s great fun knowing that you pissed yourself in front af all those people and they never knew that you did it, i’m going out for a beer again tonight so i’m getting them ready to put, it takes a little time and patience but it’s worth it, i wonder if i can fill them past the knees tonight, it’s worth trying don’t you think.
ps; must take a photo when they’re full, or maybe a before and after shot.

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  1. Amazing! Never seen these latex tights, would need some. Show us a photo please! Never leaking?

  2. WOW!!! What a way to go the entire evening & no one knowing that you pissed yourself full.

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