Late at Night

Some nights when I cant sleep i go walking. So that is what I did, after midnight I pulled on an old pair of sweatpants, a jumper, and some old sandals (dont ask me why) and stepped out into the chilly night. Pretty soon i started to push a little, and felt the hot pee go down my leg. As i continued walking i continued to leak a little in my pants. Soon they were damp with piss. But then soon realised i needed to do something else…poop. As it was late at night i let it go in my pants, the rank smell and feel of my heavy shit got me horny. I then ducked into the shadows, just in case. when i was totally sure i couldnt be seen i put my hands down the back of my undies. Man it felt so warm. i scrunched it in my hands, then i took a whiff, man it smelt bad. And good. I licked a finger. tasted good. I them grabbed some more shit and smeared it on my already hard cock and wacked off. I came in no time. i them pulled up my pants and continued home. I slept like a log.

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  1. I do things just like that when the weather is warm. Nothing like having a bit of fun in a great outdoors.

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