Last weekend

Sally and mom and me had been holding our poop since Thursday evening when we last had fun,and now it was Sunday afternoon.
As we rested in our chairs we debated what to do that evening.Mom said she felt lazy so could we eat out,and we all agreed that was a good idea.We decided to go to Golden Corral just north of 12th Street in Ogden and thought we could take in a movie afterward.We knew that we could spend a lot of time in GC eating as it is all you can eat after you pay the price to get in.We had eaten breakfast but no lunch so we were going to be starving when we got there.We rested until about 5pm and then went to choose what we would wear for our night out.Mom chose a pair of dark tan slacks and a red jumper as it was chilly.Sally grabbed her thick shirt and brown slacks while I got my black slacks and black jumper.We all wore our snug cotton panties of course as we anticipated being naughty later.

We all decided to go see Fifty Shades Darker at the Magaplex downtown,so we booked our seat online to be sure of getting in.We booked so we had plenty of time for lots of eating too as we wanted to be full when we got there.BY 5.30 we were ready to eat so we all got into mom’s car and in 15 minutes we were walking into GC starving.We found a table and went for our first trip along the food counters,piling it high.We sat and ate our first course and loved it,so we started on our second run and filled our plates once more,returning to our table and filling our bellies before a third trip to the food area.Now we chose little tasty bites to finish us off as we re pretty full and just wanted the sweet tastes to top it off.We checked our watches and it was7.30pm which looked just right as we were booked for the 8.30 show.We sat back and enjoyed a few coffees and ice cream for a short time and left just before 8pm for the ten minute drive to the Magaplex.We parked near the back doors so we could leave without walking through the bright foyer just in case we had any marks on our slacks.

The movie started and we got really into it,especially enjoying the naughty bits,and about halfway through we felt that familiar urge to poop and pee start to hit us.Normally that would be when we would just let our panties fill up with soft poop and pee as we sat watching the movie,however the cinema was not as empty as with other films,so there were people sitting closer to us than usual.I looked all round at the audience and saw that it was mostly women of all ages with very few men.I also noticed that many of the ladies seemed to be lost in the film and squirmed with excitement when the sexy bits came on screen.I noticed several young women sot far from us seemed to be holding their hands between their legs as they rocked and squirmed and gasped at the screen shots.As I looked at three girls about 19 years old just over a bit in the row behind us,I noticed that when they squirmed once they took their hands away from between their legs and I saw each had a good damp patch there like they peed their pants.They did not seem to care that they were wet,so I whispered this to mom and Sally.

Since others seemed to be peeing their pants we decided that we should join them and blame the movie as they all would no doubt do.All the coffees were needing to come out now so we put our hands between our legs like the others were doing and relaxed a little.It felt strange to pee with so many near us,but as they were wetting their pants why not.I felt my bladder trying to let go but yet holding,but I knew it would start soon,so I concentrated on the film and in a couple of minutes I felt hot pee coming out and wetting my hand which was clutching my pussy.It felt really nice and I loved that so many were peeing their panties with us.We did not try to stop it and just let it all flood out.I looked all round and saw that nobody had noticed us wetting,and there were lots of little wet patches on the floor under other ladies.

By now our bowels were complaining it was their turn to relax,so we held as long as we felt we could,so we were close to the end of the show and then we actually peed again soaking our sacks more and this time we felt a movement in our bowels as all that food was pushing the old food out to make room for it.I leaned back in my seat and eased up just a little and let my soft poop slip out so easy into my waiting cotton panties.I kept looking round me but nobody was looking at us,they were all too busy with their wet pants and the film.I pushed to get the last blob out and felt a massive amount of poop sitting there.I sat down and mover my bum all round and felt it spreading so nicely,slipping over my wet pussy and making me almost orgasm right then as I anticipated our naughty fun when we got home.I rocked making it slip back and forward over my pussy and I gasped as a hot scene came on the screen and I did really orgasm into my poop filled panties.It felt wonderful.Looking round still nobody had noticed what we were doing as they were all engaged in their own naughty adventures.

As the movie ended we got up and moved toward the back door but found that almost everyone was heading in the same direction as we were,as they had nearly all peed their pants as they enjoyed the movie.We did not feel too bad walking out with them even if they did see our soaked slacks and a stain at our bums.We had all totally enjoyed the movie and added our own brand of fun to it.We drove home and as we walked inside we rushed to the bedroom throwing off our clothes as we went so that when we got there we only had wet pooped panties on us.Falling on the big bed we began to grope and stroke and poke and rub and finger each other like we had been looking forward to all evening.

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