Last Night’s Desperation

Last night I hung out at a friend’s house for a couple hours. I drank 32oz of water before arriving at his house and 32oz of Powerade while there. Pissed half an hour before I left and only stayed an hour and a half, and didn’t even feel the need to pee until I was going to leave. I wasn’t yet desperate by any means, so I decided I could easily make the 30 minute drive home without any problems.

Turns out I was right. Mostly. I didn’t feel any urges or waves of desperation the whole way home. I did not have to pinch myself until the very end, and only a few squeezes at that. The real trouble began as soon as I parked the car in the driveway. I couldn’t get my stuff out of the car fast enough!

I ran to the front door, left hand clamped over my penis, right hand fumbling for the keys. I was dancing, squeezing, doing everything I could to keep the piss in my bladder, from escaping from my penis while I found the keys.

After what felt like an eternity I finally found the right one, stuck it in the lock, let go of my dick for a split second to turn the knob, and felt a hot jet of pee shoot through my penis. My hand flew straight to my cock to clamp it off while I struggled to get the door locked behind me.

I managed to lock the door and then ran down the hallway, headed for the bathroom. I stopped by my room first to put the backpack and two bottles I was carrying down and accidentally spurt again, feeling the warm jet of piss run down my balls and left leg. This was my bladder’s flare gun, its final warning, telling me to get to a bathroom in the next 15 seconds or prepare myself to be hosed down.

I raced out of my room to the bathroom gripping my penis with both hands, flung the door open, rushed over to the toilet, pulling my penis over the top of my pants as I ran, lifted the toilet seat up, and aimed to fire. I didn’t have time (or the extra hands!) to undo my belt buckle and unzip without completely soaking myself.

Finally freed from its cage, I directed the heavy stream from my cock into the toilet and pissed for at least two minutes straight. It was the best piss I have had in awhile.

I usually get many more waves of desperation before I totally give out, but this time it was like one huge wave that I just could not fight. Anybody else have a similar experience?

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  1. It’s the change in position, from seated in the car to standing, that will trigger the urgency. I’ve had that happen and have ended up pissing at the edge of the driveway because I couldn’t hold it long enough to get in to the bathroom.

  2. I know the feeling; sometimes I just need to go all of a sudden, with a narrow time period to get to the bathroom, otherwise i’ll be wetting myself. The finding the key for the front door usually makes the desperation so much worse

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