Last night at the movies

Mom and Sally and me had been holding our poop in for most of the afternoon.It was Saturday evening now and we all got into mom’s Buick and headed off for a late dinner at Chuckarama on Washington Blvd in Ogden,Utah.We had not eaten much all day saving up for a massive dinner at the eat all you can place.We got there in plenty of time to get well filled before going on to a movie.For about an hour and a half we stuffed ourselves until we could not eat any more.Then we drove the short distance to the movie theater down on 23rd St,found a parking spot and walked in.We had chosen to see the Smurf movie as I used to watch them when I was a kid.We got a bucket of popcorn to share as it always seems to make us need to poop soon after eating it,which is why we love it.

The theater was not busy as this was really a kids movie and this was the late show,so we climbed up to find seats near the back where we would not be too close to the screen.We settled in our seats and began to nibble on the popcorn as soon as the movie started.I had been struggling to hold in my poop as it felt quite soft,so I was looking forward to a nice messy panty later.I looked around and there seemed to be about 30 people down the front and about ten couples at the back kissing and groping each other,nobody near us so we should be good to poop when ready.

About half way through the movie I started to get messages from my bowels that they were ready to stop holding.One last check and there was nobody near us,so I stopped holding and just lay back in my seat and relaxed as I watched the film.In just a few minutes I felt a movement inside me and soon there was a warm damp feeling at my butt as some soft poop touched my cotton panties.It felt like just a small blob about apricot size,so I clenched my cheeks for a while and enjoyed the first little bit of poop by moving my butt on the seat to spread it a little and feel the warm patch spread a bit.It spread to a patch about 3 inches wide before I stopped clenching and allowed some more to join it.As soon as I relaxed again it started to slowly slide out,warming up the first part again and soon the blob felt like apple size and I began to move my butt in my seat again.I used my hand to push some up behind me,spreading it to each side too,and then I leaned back in my seat and pushed the rest out until all of my poop was in my panties.I know it would be making my black slacks dirty inside too by now but they would all wash clean again.

When I stopped pushing I found there was a good grapefruit size blob of soft warm poop between my legs.It had felt so good as it slipped over the lips of my pussy which was now tingling.I pressed my legs together tightly,forcing the soft poop to spread up in front of me reaching my belly as my hand helped spread it all over my belly.I started to rub my pussy gently through my slacks and panties,feeling the build up of pressure inside it as an orgasm got close.I kept rubbing harder and faster thinking if only the Smurfs could see me now.A couple of minutes rubbing and the pressure was getting quite strong in my pussy and then I felt that sudden release of pressure and I shuddered as a wave of sheer pleasure swept over me as I squirted into my panties and gasped softly,grinding my messy butt into the seat.

Beside me Sally and mom were panting as they rubber their pussies too.A couple of minutes later they too gasped and lay back in their seats with a smile on their faces as they too orgasmed.We now enjoyed the rest of the movie and as it drew to a close and the credits rolled we rose and walked slowly to the back exit to avoid using the brightly lip foyer where our poopy slacks could be noticed.As we got outside and walked to the car we each stopped and peed in our pants,flooding them with hot pee that felt so good as it ran down our legs.Back home we stripped off the just panties and had more fun in my big bed for a good hour before cleaning up in the shower room together.

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  1. It made me horny but didn’t leave me that way bc I just shot a huge load while reading it and am rubbing it in my stomach now wishing I had to shit so I could smear it on myself and eat a bit. gf needs to get off work!

  2. Not into pantypooping, but I really enjoyed your story.
    I would wipe your really poopy ass after you have been in your dirty panties for a long while. It would really be a pleasure

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