Last Bus Home

Wrote this story ages ago and posted on another site, kinda gives away what i’m into, if you like the same stuff send me a message!

Last Bus Home

A few years ago when I was about 23 I decided to go into London for a night out with some mates, just a few beers and a laugh that sort of night.

It was mid summer so wore just nice tight white tee shirt which showed my defined body really well, some trackies and trainers. We all met at about 9pm in soho and went on the usual pub crawl, being mid summer there were so many horny guys around, some still had their tops off so you could letch at their bodies as much as you wanted. Having had a few beers the inhibitions were getting less and less and I could feel my cock warming to the scenes around me. I t could be well embarrassing sometimes especially when I was wearing what I was this evening. A full blown hard on is pretty obvious in trackies. 

We ended up in a pretty sleazy bar in the West End, not that I ever gave it much thought but I found the surroundings really horny and although some of the guys about looked rough, there were some that were well fit. After the first drink I had to piss, so headed down to use the toilets. I got my cock out of my trackies n started to piss, slow at first then real hard and fast, The guy I was stood next to was watching me piss and I noticed his cock grow the more I pissed. He started playing with his cock and soon got it up to full mast, it was a good 8 inches and pretty straight and thick. I didn’t take much notice of him other than getting a hard on while I was pissing. He was dressed similar to me, he had reebok trainers, and nice shiny black trackies, I could see he had white boxers on and a nice tight tee shirt. I went back to my mates still with a hard on, they all saw it and started to take the piss, saying that I went into the toilet for a wank. 

As the night went on I kept seeing the guy from the toilets he was clearly on his own, cruising the bar obviously on the look out for a bit of fun. Now I could see him, without making it too obvious he looked really hot, I reckoned about 25ish slim toned and the normal mid summer tan, he had dark hair and deep brown eyes to die for. I had always been a sucker for guys with dark hair and eyes. On more than one occasion our eyes met, the furtive glances were becoming more obvious as was my now uncontrollable cock. I had to piss again and the dinner I had before meeting my mates was also making it know that I need to dump as well. I didn’t want to go back in the toilets as I was sure the guy would follow me and I wasn’t up for just a wank especially in front of other older guys leering at us doing it, so I decided to hold on for as long as I can. 

Once again the guy came close to me and my mates, again he looked deep in my eyes and this time as he brushed past me I was sure he squeezed my arse, as I looked at him he winked, my cock rose to the occasion as it does in these situations. My mates finished their drinks and said it was getting late and they had to make a move or would miss the last of the public transport home. I said I was going to stay for one more and tried to get them to stay for just one more as well, secretly I didn’t want them to stay I wanted to get closer to my trackie man. Luckily they all made their way home, so there I was alone in a bar that I had never been to before surrounded by guys I didn’t know. I ordered my last beer and took it over to where I could see what was happening around me. It didn’t take long for me to see my fella, he was still alone and still cruising, he saw me on looking at him and winked again, I smiled and winked back, he slowly came over and once again I could feel my cock rising in anticipation to the occasion. “Hi”, he said “I’m Mark”, “Hi Mark, I’m Richard I replied”

He asked if I wanted another drink, but I said no, this one is my last I need to get back home or will miss the last bus, beside If I drink much more I’m sure I will piss the bed, we both laughed but I saw a kind of smirk on his face as if to say that would be horny. He lent over n just started to kiss me, my cock was already rock hard and very obvious, his hands wandered downward caressing my body, after manoeuvring me to a corner of the bar his hands gently caressed the front of my trackies, he soon found what he was after and seemed quite pleased at the size of his quarry, he started to play with it through my trackies, but I had to stop him, not only did I not want to cum in my trackies (well not in the bar) I was now really desperate for the toilet. I told him that if he wanted some more of my cock he would have to come back to my flat with me. It didn’t take him long to respond, cool he said where do you live? I told him and we finished our drinks and headed out of the bar. 

Soon as we got out of the bar he said that he should have used the toilet before leaving, This was horny because it meant that we both needed to piss at least. 

It was a short walk to the bus stop, the cooler air of the late night played on my body, the worst of it being that it made me absolutely desperate to piss. I went very quite not wanting to stop concentrating on not having to piss, Mark asked “what’s up”, “nothing I said just need to get back home quick or I would have a bit of an accident”. “what do you mean” he said, knowing full well what I meant! We stood waiting for the bus my cock no longer hard, fearing that I was about to do the unthinkable in front of loads of people waiting for the bus, It seemed like ages before the bus arrived, every bloody bus passing except the one that would take me to relief, albeit if I could survive the 10 minute walk home from where the bus would drop us of. 

Eventually the bus arrived, luckily it was not too full and we easily got seats on the top deck at the back of the bus. Mark slumped into the seat and stretched his legs down the aisle, I got a good look at his bulge – very nice I thought, I put my hand on his leg and gently rubbed my hand up and down, I saw his bulge getting bigger, well horny I thought cant wait to suck that cock. Despite the need to piss my own cock was up to its old tricks and tented up my trackies, I didn’t have any underwear on and there was a bit of a wet patch on my trackies, Mark saw this and asked if I had pissed my self, I said No just pre cum I think, he played with my cock making it more obvious. He told me that he really need to piss as well asking me how far it was back to my place, I said probably about half hour from here then a10minute walk to the flat, he seemed a little worried about the length of time to get back but said he should be ok to hold on. Although I was sure that I would not be able to hold it and was sure that despite all my efforts not too I had in fact started to wet myself, nothing was showing on my trackies except the pre cum so thought I was safe at least for now, what was worse though was the now desperate need to shit as well as piss. I have always been pretty good at holding my piss but for some reason if I become desperate to shit I find it hard not to stop it pushing its way out. I thought to myself I hope my shit is firm and hard then I would be able to hold it longer, if it was going to be a soft one then I wont have a chance to stop it. Mark was quiet now and he was shifting about in his seat holding his hands over his cock, fuck fuck fuck he kept saying, I cant hold it, his face redden as he lost control and I could see the wet patch get huge on his trackies then a flood of piss coming through his fingers. He released the grip on his cock and showed me what he had done, his cock now was fully erect and you could see it through the material, he stood up and swapped seats not wanting to sit in a wet seat. I felt sorry for him as shortly after the bus arrived and he had to walk off the bus in soaking wet trackies, anyone who looked would know that he had wet himself. As we got off the bus and started walking back to him I felt a push in my gut and instantly knew that I was about to lose it, first a long fart then the inevitable. Mark had his hand on my back as we were walking, he must have heard me fart any maybe even heard the sound of the shit oozing into my trackies, I felt his hand go lower and lower until it was on my arse, he could feel what I had done I was so embarrassed but he didn’t care he started to rub it into my arse, as I was not wearing underwear it soon found its way down and around my legs. Our cocks were so hard I had just shit myself and he had just pissed himself, we agreed we were a couple of dirty bastards. We had to get cleaned up so as soon as we got back to the flat we jumped in the shower, I said I had to piss first, he told me to do it in my trackies, I didn’t want asking twice I just relaxed and felt my hot piss soak into my trackies and run down my legs, he dropped to his knees and resumed playing with my dirty arse and started to suck my wet cock through my trackies. He said he had never seen a guy shit himself before but it really made him horny, he had only ever done piss play. He said he was really into the humiliation of it especially in public. We showered and he fucked my dirty arse, I sucked his big cock, with the hot shower water beating down on us. Neither of us took long to shoot our hot creamy spunk over each other.

After the shower I gave him a robe to wear, before putting it on I admired his fit toned body, fuck I was a lucky boy tonight.

We sat watching late night telly although not paying much attention to what was on the screen, I asked him what stuff he really liked doing, “pretty much everything” he said “love to see guys get wet n dirty though, Then he remembered that in the pub I said I might wet the bed if I drank any more, he ask if that was really true, Kind of embarrassed I said yes It had happened. “how often” he said “not that much” I replied, but I wasn’t being truthful, I normally always wet the bed if I have been out drinking, so much so that I have even worn a nappy to bed, although I wasn’t about to admit to that. Without any notice or warning he asked if I ever wore nappies, I went bright red, “no I said, what makes you ask” he said come with me, I knew I had been found out, in the bathroom there is a cupboard that has a few supplies in,
In he bottom of the cupboard there is a half pack of attends adult nappies, he said that he had seen them when he was looking for some hair gel after his shower, “are they yours” he said. I had to admit that they were, no one had ever found them and I had never let onto anyone that I wore nappies, I was so embarrassed. I asked him not to tell anyone especially my mates if he saw them out and about. He said he wouldn’t if he could put me in one now, what could I say I had no choice, I agreed and he pulled the pack out of the cupboard. We went into the bedroom and he opened one out, he looked quizzically at it but it didn’t take him long to work out which way up and what way round it went. My cock was hard again thinking about being nappied by such a good looking guy, I tried to hide it but couldn’t, as I lay down on the nappy my cock sprang out, he expertly nappied me even tucking in my hard cock. He reached into the pack and got another one out, “now its your turn to nappy me” he said wow I thought this cant be true – but it was and he was loving it, according to the size of his now erect cock. It didn’t take me long to get this stud nappied and shortly after we went to bed. During the night several times I felt a warm sensation around my cock and arse semi conscious I didn’t take any notice, I guess this is why I had always been a bed wetter. In the morning we cuddled closely I was still semi conscious and could feel Marks nappy against mine, again I felt the warm sensation around my cock and knew I was wetting, this time I felt it on my legs as well, I knew the nappy must have leaked the bed was very wet around me, I pulled Mark closer still, and sleepily ran my hands over his hot body, his nappy was dry, I was disappointed I thought he may have wet himself as well, but he hadn’t. I continued to cuddle him as he turned over, now my very wet nappy was touching his nappied bum, we lay there for ages cuddling up, and I wet again now totally soaking the bed, I felt Marks body tense up and wondered what he was doing, he pushed out a fart into his nappy instinctively I put my hands on his nappied arse gently rubbing all over sublimely trying to encourage him to shit in his nappy, nothing happened for a while, the he squirmed a bit and farted again, this time I felt a huge firm load filling his nappy followed by a low moan, mmmm was he wetting as well i thought. It didn’t take long to find out he turn back around and encouraged me to feel the front of his nappy, this time I could feel it was very wet and full. We both started kissing madly while grabbing our hard cocks through each others nappy it didn’t take long for us both to shoot in our nappies. We lay there for a while, eventually getting out of the wet bed to take another shower together, we were both horny again by this time and I fucked his dirty arse in the shower as I fucked him I pissed inside him without telling him, fuck he said that felt good, as I took my cock out he released his arse muscles and let out the torrent of my piss, “fuck” he said that felt good, I let him do the same to me, after our piss enemas we sucked each other of to completion, cleaned up and dried of getting into our robes we decided to spend the day together – but what to do? 

This is my 1st attempt at writing a story please feel free to e-mail and let me know what you think. 

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  1. J’aime beaucoup cette histoire, pisser et chier dans un jeans sans sous-vetement, c(est juste super SEXY et EXCITANT !!!

  2. Hot story. The bus ride got me going. I love being on a bus or train with a guy who is desperate to piss and can’t hold it.
    The shitting was horny to read, but would not like that in reality. Too smelly and mucky for me.

  3. This is just too hot! I don’t think I’ve read it to the end with out jizzing?

  4. I don’t think I’ve read it to the end with out having an orgasm either?

  5. Did you guys cum? I have pissed my pants on public transportation many times. Drenched my self. That’s what happens when you get drunk.

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