Some days ago I wrote on my wall what I did with a Laotian lover. I write here some more details.
I invited a 35 yo man I had met on the beach to come to my room. We were both naked, drinking a beer while I was sucking and rimming him. At a moment he needed to piss and asked for the toilet. I said: I come with you and you will piss on me! He was surprised but accepted – maybe because he was a money-boy and wanted to please his customer? – so I sat on the toilet seat and he began to urinate on my body and into my mouth too! But after, he wanted me to take a shower (with him).
It’s the first time I dared ask this!
We continued our sex session and at the end he fucked me long! And before cumming, took his cock out of my ass to cum into my mouth. Delicious!

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  1. Mmmmm that’s SO hot ! So glad you got the courage to ask, I am constantly amazed how mang guys are into wet and dirty fun, or just intrigued to try something new ! I spent too long over the years regretting missed opportunities , so now I try to be brave and tell guys just what I’d like , I have had some fantastic experiences as a result !
    I love it when the guy shows surprise, and a little hesitation, but then tries it and likes it – a lot ! What a great session you both had. ….

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