Labor Day Weekend

So I had a four day weekend for labor day. I decided to go up to New York to visit family and friends (I live in Virginia now, but am originally from NY). It’s a 10 hour drive from here to there, and I knew that on the ride back I wanted to have some excitement! So, before I left on Monday morning, I stopped and got one of those Men’s diapers that look like briefs you would wear like regular underwear. I didn’t read the package, but figured they would work like a regular diaper, plus they look sexier than regular diapers since they fit a much more snug to be less conspicuous. So I put that on and took off towards Virginia. I wanted a diaper since I knew I would be stopping for food and gas along the way and didn’t really want to be walking around with noticably shitty and wet jeans. So I didn’t shit all weekend (and trust me, being in one’s hometown there is always a ton of comfort food one eats!) and hadn’t pissed all that morning. I drank a few water bottles to get the system going and waited. About 150 miles into the trip, just as I was passing Scranton, PA, I couldn’t hold it any longer! When I shit it felt like waves of shit, one right after the other, just filling those briefs up! I could feel it everywhere, my legs, my ass, my balls. All warm in that huge pile of shit! But when I started pissing, I realized that the diaper wasn’t meant to hold a lot of piss at all, and it leaked really badly. My whole crotch and ass were soaked. My jeans were completely wet and anybody would notice that if I got out of the car. So at lunch time I just went through a drive through and ate fast food, but I had to get out and pump gas but fortunately the station wasn’t that busy and I don’t think anybody noticed me. I paid at the pump so I didn’t have to go inside. There were two hot redneck guys working on a diesel truck in the parking lot who looked over, they might have seen my wet, soggy ass, but if they did, they didn’t say anything. All in all, I got to sit and squish around in my shitty jeans and diaper for about 6 and a half hours until I got home. It was a great feeling when every bump made shit move around my legs. When I got home I pissed and shit again, filling the briefs to the point that they actually ripped open. Which was fun all in itself to jack off in the tub in a diaper so full that the tear was spilling my piss and shit right into my jeans. I would definately like to try this again!

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